9th August 2019

Make Your Mark


In October, Fairtrade communities stretching from the top to the bottom of the UK will stand together to ‘make their mark’ for farmers. Whether it is re-creating the FAIRTRADE Mark in the sand, building the mark out of people or projecting it onto a famous building, Fairtrade communities across the UK will be getting involved. They will be showing the heart and strength of the campaigner-led movement behind Fairtrade, which has now reached the lives of more than 1.6 million farmers in 73 countries.




You can also make your own mark. Read our 25th anniversary party leaflet <https://e-activist.com/ea-action/enclick?ea.url.id=3929516&ea.campaigner.email=nS0nt6O2Te8VBZDGcWae8FoujeQC7h6jibX66GqT1Vc=&ea.campaigner.id=8uTXz%2FzivVeZkArzVWMSmA==&ea_broadcast_target_id=0> to help you get started on creative ideas on how to recreate the Mark and make it count this autumn.


We would love to hear what you will be doing to celebrate our 25th. Click here to tell us <http://e-activist.com/ea-action/enclick?ea.url.id=3929521&ea.campaigner.email=nS0nt6O2Te8VBZDGcWae8FoujeQC7h6jibX66GqT1Vc=&ea.campaigner.id=8uTXz%2FzivVeZkArzVWMSmA==&ea_broadcast_target_id=0> !


But, our work isn’t done yet, unfair trading practices are still jeopardising the livelihoods of millions of small-scale growers around the world. Farmers and workers need you more than ever to get involved and help us campaign for fair trade.


We love coming out to visit you in your regions and supporting you with your local campaigns, and it’s now only 6 weeks until the start of our Fairtrade Supporter Conferences <https://e-activist.com/ea-action/enclick?ea.url.id=3929524&ea.campaigner.email=nS0nt6O2Te8VBZDGcWae8FoujeQC7h6jibX66GqT1Vc=&ea.campaigner.id=8uTXz%2FzivVeZkArzVWMSmA==&ea_broadcast_target_id=0> in Middlesbrough, Exeter and Nottingham. There are still spaces left for you to come and get involved.


We need you there <https://e-activist.com/ea-action/enclick?ea.url.id=3929529&ea.campaigner.email=nS0nt6O2Te8VBZDGcWae8FoujeQC7h6jibX66GqT1Vc=&ea.campaigner.id=8uTXz%2FzivVeZkArzVWMSmA==&ea_broadcast_target_id=0>


We will be talking about the topics that you told us you want to know more about in order to spread the message further than ever before including; the fight for farmers against climate change, an update on our living income campaign and how working with your local political representatives can start important conversations that can bring change for farmers and workers in developing countries.


Thanks for your support, we can't wait to see you!


Sarah and Chrysi


Communities Campaigns Team

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