8th September 2019

A Little Box Of Fairness For You


Dear Friend,


Will you be one of the first to join Live Fair? <https://e-activistcom/ea-action/enclick?ea.url.id=4040206&clid=1904&ea.campaigner.email=%2FoQH3Pc8uUYW74CEhSYedNi7SBjRL51PURKQ3UxCEoI=&ea.campaigner.id=N48ecobncs0UHgIT5m4sfA==>


What is it?




A new way to support Fairtrade, plus live a little fairer in your everyday life.


Want to make choices that protect the planet and tackle exploitation across the world, but sometimes struggle to know where to start?


Then Live Fair <https://e-activist.com/ea-action/enclick?ea.url.id=4040208&clid=1904&ea.campaigner.email=%2FoQH3Pc8uUYW74CEhSYedNi7SBjRL51PURKQ3UxCEoI=&ea.campaigner.id=N48ecobncs0UHgIT5m4sfA==> is for you! We’re here to make living fairer that little bit more simple.




How does it work?


You give £8 a month to Fairtrade and help support hardworking farmers.


Then every three months, we send you a little box full of Fairtrade treats like coffee and tea, along with recipes, tips and tools to help you Live Fair everyday.


You can also choose to get Live Fair email updates every two weeks, which feature all our latest tips on how to live that bit more ethically.




Wondering what your £8 a month will do?


In a word, loads!


This year, you’ll be supporting a programme called Growing Women in Coffee.


Female coffee farmers in Kenya get a bitter deal. They often aren’t allowed to own property. So they work all day on their husbands’ bushes, but with little to show for it.


This programme is changing the norm. It’s seeing husbands gifting coffee bushes to their wives. And then with training and support from Fairtrade, women can grow their own delicious coffee, earn their own income, and take control of their own lives.


Not a bitter note in sight!




But what's in the box?




In a word: fairness. You’ll love it.


In more words:


* Treats from great Fairtrade tea and coffee brands like Percol, Cafédirect and Clipper.

* Tasty recipes using Fairtrade products.

* Fun products to help you live fairer.

* Top tips on easy ways to be more ethical in your everyday life.

* News from the inspiring farmers that you’ll be helping.




But why you?


As a committed Fairtrade supporter, we want to give you the first chance to go one step further.


This is our opportunity to build a mass movement of people committed to living a bit fairer everyday and standing against exploitation all over the world.






Stephanie Wong




Senior Campaigns, Supporters and Fundraising Manager

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