5th March 2017

Easter Eggs - Get Cracking!


The Real Easter Egg is the UK's first and only Fairtrade charity egg to explain the events of the Easter. This year, some of the eggs contain activity-story books, illustrated by Alida Massari.




And we'd proud to say all the eggs are FairTrade and palm oil free!




Because of the huge popularity of these products, stocks are limited so we advise you get cracking and place your order today!




Milk chocolate egg




Celebrate Easter with this milk chocolate egg. A brilliant new design with an Easter story illustrated by Alida Massari.




Price: £3.99


Ref: EER17


Egg: 125g, bar: 25g


Shop now > <http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=49372012&msgid=457785&act=FUZC&c=751676&destination=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.embraceme.org%2Fshop%2Fproduct%2Freal-easter-egg-milk-chocolate>












Special edition egg




Includes a guide to Easter traditions as well as an orange Belgian chocolate bar and luxury Belgian milk chocolate egg.




Price: £8.50


Ref: EESE17


Egg: 200g, bar: 80g


Shop now > <http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=49372012&msgid=457785&act=FUZC&c=751676&destination=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.embraceme.org%2Fshop%2Fproduct%2Freal-easter-egg-special-edition>












Easter egg hunt box




New for 2017, a brilliant game in a box! One gold and five blue eggs and an Easter storybook.




Price: £5.00

Ref: EEHB17


Eggs: 20g each


Shop now > <http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=49372012&msgid=457785&act=FUZC&c=751676&destination=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.embraceme.org%2Fshop%2Fproduct%2Freal-easter-egg-egg-hunt-box>







Dark chocolate egg




Brand new design with an Easter story illustrated by Alida Massari. A delicious dark chocolate egg with a minimum of 71% cocoa solids.




Price: £5.50


Ref: EED17


Egg: 155g, bar: 25g


Shop now > <http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=49372012&msgid=457785&act=FUZC&c=751676&destination=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.embraceme.org%2Fshop%2Fproduct%2Freal-easter-egg-dark-chocolate>










Sharing box




30 chocolate eggs and 30 fold-out Easter story activity posters to colour in. Perfect for school and Church events and gifts.




Price: £30.00


Ref: EESB17


Eggs: 20g each


Shop now > <http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=49372012&msgid=457785&act=FUZC&c=751676&destination=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.embraceme.org%2Fshop%2Fproduct%2Freal-easter-egg-sharing-box>










Free P&P when you buy an Alternative gift*




Alternative gift: New life




Give someone in Egypt the chance to start a small business and work their way out of poverty. Your gift contributes to a microloan which will be used, repaid and re-used again and again and again.




Price: £12.00

Ref: AG701


Shop now > <http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=49372012&msgid=457785&act=FUZC&c=751676&destination=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.embraceme.org%2Fshop%2Fproduct%2Fdove-tree-decoration>




When you shop with Embrace, you make a real difference...


100% of the profit from our webshop supports Christians in the Middle East who are helping people of all faiths and none to free themselves from lives of poverty and injustice.




If you'd like to hear about the impact your shopping makes, sign up to our regular e-newsletter Re:Action <http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=49372012&msgid=457785&act=FUZC&c=751676&destination=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.embraceme.org%2Fkeep-touch> .

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