29th August 2019

Traidcraft: Celebrate And Change Lives This Harvest


Dear Friend,





Will you join the Traidcraft family this Harvest season to celebrate and change lives?





This autumn, our friends at Traidcraft Exchange are launching a brand-new fundraising event: Big Brew - Harvest! All the funds raised will go directly towards helping vulnerable farmers and workers around the world, so they can reap the benefits of better harvests and fairer wages.





If you’d like to bring your friends, family and community together to change lives for the better, order your free fundraising pack today below.




Big Brew Harvest Pack <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-N92A-241CAB-HEI8N-1/c.aspx>


Big Brew Harvest Image <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-N92A-241CAB-HEI8O-1/c.aspx>


This year’s theme is the humble potato a simple, unfussy crop that is a lifeline for farmers around the world.


Your free fundraising pack contains:


A welcome letter


A Big Brew - Harvest event guide packed full of fun ideas for your event


A ‘more interesting than you’d imagine’ Potato Quiz (yes, really!)


A ‘Spud Like Me’ competition activity sheet


A dual Big Brew - Harvest event and thank you poster


Donation form and BRE Freepost return envelope


GET YOURS HERE <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-N92A-241CAB-HEI8P-1/c.aspx>






There are plenty more resources available to download on Traidcraft Exchange’s website, including recipes for a ‘Great Potato Bake Off’ competition, scorecards, certificates, and worship resources as well as extra copies of everything in the printed pack. You can find them all by clicking here <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-N92A-241CAB-HEI8R-1/c.aspx> .





Coffee Morning Bundle Image <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-N92A-241CAB-HEI8S-1/c.aspx>

GET YOUR BUNDLE <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-N92A-241CAB-HEI8T-1/c.aspx>


We’re also offering a limited-edition bundle of delicious Traidcraft goodies with all the coffee, award-winning tea, and sweet treats you need for your event!





If you do choose to host a Big Brew - Harvest event, thank you. We hope it’s one to remember!





It’s all thanks to people like you, who choose fairly traded products and tirelessly fund raise for our cause, that we can make fairer trade a reality.




With warmest wishes,


The Traidcraft team





If you have any questions, the friendly team at Traidcraft Exchange will be happy to help. Get in touch at hello@traidcraft.org or 0191 497 6445.




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