24th July 2019

Traidcraft: Your Invite To Our 40th Celebrations


Dear friends,




We are excited to invite you to our 40th Anniversary Autumn Roadshow Tour. This year we will host 13 events over 4 weeks. Travelling from Perth to Bath, Cardiff to Newcastle, bringing you the entire autumn / winter ‘19 range. At each event we will also bring you an update on how we are doing as well as a glimpse of our vision for 2020 and beyond. There will also be the opportunity to sample some of our delicious seasonal treats.




We hope to be joined at each event by friends from our sister charity, Traidcraft Exchange, as well as other partners. To help us plan logistics and refreshments at each venue, please register online. Links to designated Eventbrite pages for your tickets and details of each venue can be found below.





The timetable for each event is as follows:





16:00 Doors open


16:00 18:30 Browsing stock, network with other fair traders and retailers, grab a brew


18:30 19:15 Talks and presentations


19:15 21:00 Continue browsing and networking


21:00 Close


SEE ALL ROADSHOWS HERE <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-MBQP-241CAB-GLK48-1/c.aspx>


In addition, we would like to invite you to a special service of Thanksgiving and AGM to be held at St. Nicholas’ Cathedral, Newcastle on the 14th of September. Voting is restricted to Shareholders, but as transparent company, you are most welcome to attend the meeting which will immediately precede a service where we will give thanks for all that Traidcraft has achieved in the last forty years, as well as commission the team into a bright new future.




Space in the cathedral is limited, so it is vital you register your attendance on the link below.


SEE OUR AGM & 40TH SERVICE OF THANKSGIVING EVENT HERE <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-MBQP-241CAB-GLK49-1/c.aspx>


Timing for the event are as follows:




10:45 11:15 Registration


11:15 12:15 AGM open to all. Please note only shareholders will be able to vote


12:30 13:15 Service of Thanksgiving


13:15 14:15 Tea, Coffee, Refreshments. Chance to meet the team & view the Autumn range


14:15 Close




Hope to see as many of you on the road as possible.


Happy fair trading,










Celebrate 40 years of fair trading with us...


40th Anniversary Range <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-MBQP-241CAB-GLK4B-1/c.aspx>

40th Anniversary Tote Bag image <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-MBQP-241CAB-GLK4C-1/c.aspx>


Traidcraft 40th Anniversary Natural Tote Bag <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-MBQP-241CAB-GLK4D-1/caspx>


Around 200,000 plastic bags are dumped into landfill every hour. Changing your lifestyle ever so slightly by using sustainable shoppers instead of plastic bags is one of the simplest ways to change the world we live in!


SHOP NOW <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-MBQP-241CAB-GLK4E-1/c.aspx>


40th Anniversary E Coffee Cup Image <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-MBQP-241CAB-GLK4F-1/c.aspx>


Traidcraft 40th Anniversary Bamboo E Coffee Cup <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-MBQP-241CAB-GLK4G-1/c.aspx>


Each year, 100 billion single-use cups end up as landfill; due to their plastic content, 99% will never be recycled. Swap your take away cup for an eco-friendly alternative, you can become an everyday activist and do your bit for the planet


SHOP NOW <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-MBQP-241CAB-GLK4H-1/c.aspx>




Latest update from CEO, Robin Roth. <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-MBQP-241CAB-GLK4I-1/c.aspx>


Latest update from CEO, Robin Roth Image <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-MBQP-241CAB-GLK4J-1/c.aspx>


Traidcraft’s CEO, Robin Roth, gives us an update on the hugely overdue debate about climate change, organic farming and what it would mean for Traidcraft to become a 1.5°C company. Plus, some top tips on how to lessen our individual carbon footprints.


Please note an incorrect link was attached on Saturdays email. See the correct link below.


READ MORE <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-MBQP-241CAB-GLK4K-1/c.aspx>



SHOP HOMEWARES SALE <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-MBQP-241CAB-GLK4L-1/c.aspx>


SHOP GIFTS SALE <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-MBQP-241CAB-GLK4M-1/c.aspx>


SHOP FOOD SALE <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-MBQP-241CAB-GLK4N-1/c.aspx>


SHOP ALL SALE <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-MBQP-241CAB-GLK4O-1/c.aspx>



FEEFO link - Shop TC website.<https://i.emlfiles4.com/cmpimg/6/4/2/5/0/2/files/imagecache/1041649/w660_922705_29419_14.jpg>


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