20th November 2019

Traidcraft: We Need Your Help


Dear Friend,





As a Fairtrader, supporter and friend, we appreciate how much you do for us and the Fairtrade movement as a whole. Together, we are rebels, disrupting the status quo and fighting for fairness. As a way of saying thank you, we like to keep you in the loop with everything we’re up to in the hope you’ll spread the word and join us in our evolving mission.


We actively reject and object to the mindless feeding frenzy that is Black Friday - which is why we're downing tools this November 29th and addressing the injustices we see within society, instead of slashing prices and encouraging you to buy more ‘stuff’ than you really need.



GET INVOLVED HERE <https://email.traidcraft.couk/4EDA-PNNF-241CAB-JI5S4-1/c.aspx>





<https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-PNNF-241CAB-JHZBQ-1/c.aspx> <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-PNNF-241CAB-JHZBR-1/c.aspx> <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-PNNF-241CAB-JHZBS-1/c.aspx> <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-PNNF-241CAB-JHZBT-1/c.aspx>


Traidcraft, Kingsway, Gateshead, NE11 0NE | hello@traidcraft.co.uk <mailto:hello@traidcraft.co.u?k> <mailto:hello@traidcr?aft.co.uk> | 0191 491 0855

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