20th July 2019

Traidcraft Weekly Update


Dear Friends,




Great to be able to share with you some good news. Many of you will remember that in our original plan we were eventually going to have to move from our home here in Gateshead. Well, I am delighted to say that we are now able to stay, meaning that we have been able to offer permanent roles to many of our colleagues in both customer services and the warehouse (a full article will be in next month’s Bulletin). As a result of this decision, we are updating our IT systems. This will mean that no orders will be picked between Wednesday and Friday next week. So please do bare with us, we recommend ordering with express delivery, so we you can get your order before we pause delivery.




Next week we will be sending you two emails. In addition to the usual update we will be sending you details of our Autumn tour and 40th birthday celebration service. Check out some of the limited addition merchandise below. We would love for you to send us a photo of your e-coffee cup or tote bag in use. There may even be a bar of chocolate for the most bizarre location or most travelled mug





As always, happy fair trading...




Plastic Free July Image <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU01-1/c.aspx>


Join the global movement and reduce plastic pollution by choosing to refuse single-use plastics!






We’re aware that going plastic free shouldn’t be limited to one month of the year, which is why here at Traidcraft, we’re constantly working to innovate our products and packaging, using less plastic where possible. With small, simple changes in our day to day lives, we can reduce our plastic waste and fight for our futures together.





<https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU03-1/c.aspx> Traidcraft 40th Anniversary Tote Bag <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU03-1/c.aspx> <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU03-1/c.aspx>



Traidcraft 40th Anniversary Tote Bag Image <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU04-1/c.aspx>


Become an everyday activist by using sustainable shoppers instead of plastic bags. Our limited edition tote anniversary bags are perfect for personal use or gifting to friends and family to spread the message of becoming plastic free.


SHOP NOW <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU05-1/c.aspx>




<https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU06-1/c.aspx> Traidcraft Chocolate <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU06-1/c.aspx> <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU06-1/c.aspx>



Traidcraft Chocolate Image <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU07-1/c.aspx>


Give back to the earth by choosing plant-based, 100% recyclable packaging. Our delicious range include tasty flavours for every pallet, so you can get your sweet treat without damaging the environment.


SHOP NOW <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU08-1/c.aspx>




<https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU09-1/c.aspx> Traidcraft 40th Anniversary E-Coffee Cup <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU09-1/c.aspx> <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU09-1/c.aspx>



Traidcraft E Coffee Cup Image <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU0A-1/c.aspx>


Switch your regular take away coffee cup for a reusable bamboo cup. By making small changes, like swapping your single-use take away cup for an eco-friendly alternative, you can become an everyday activist and do your bit for the planet.


SHOP NOW <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU0B-1/c.aspx>





<https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU0C-1/c.aspx> Eat Your Hat Chocolate <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU0C-1/c.aspx> <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU0C-1/c.aspx> <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU0C-1/c.aspx>



Eat Your Hat Chocolate Image <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU0D-1/c.aspx>


This powerful chocolate is not only vegan and organic, but features compostable packaging. Add to your compost heap with Eat Your Hat’s completely compostable inner foil wrap. Delicious and Eco-friendly chocolate, it's something to shout about.


SHOP NOW <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU0E-1/c.aspx>






An Update from Traidcraft’s CEO, Robin Roth <https://email.traidcraft.couk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU0F-1/c.aspx>


An Update from Traidcraft’s CEO, Robin Roth Image <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU0G-1/c.aspx>


"I want you to panic. I want you to act as if the house were on fire."






Traidcraft’s CEO, Robin Roth, gives us an update on the hugely overdue debate about climate change, organic farming and what it would mean for Traidcraft to become a 1.5°C company. Plus, some top tips on how to lessen our individual carbon footprints.


READ MORE <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU0H-1/c.aspx>




SHOP HOMEWARES SALE <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU0I-1/c.aspx>


SHOP GIFTS SALE <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU0J-1/c.aspx>


SHOP FOOD SALE <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU0K-1/c.aspx>


SHOP ALL SALE <https://email.traidcraft.co.uk/4EDA-M8IC-241CAB-GIU0L-1/c.aspx>



FEEFO link - Shop TC website.<https://i.emlfiles4.com/cmpimg/6/4/2/5/0/2/files/imagecache/1037460/w660_922705_29419_14.jpg>


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