14th May 2018

Meaningful Chocolate Ltd Spring Sale


Up to 65% off special offer



A lot of our sale chocolate has been snapped up but there are still special offers available for fans of quality Fairtrade chocolate, with up to 65% off selected products. We also have free tickets for the Christian Resources Exhibition on the link below.





Chunky Buttons (£36 pay only £12)



A case of 60 Swiss Chunky Buttons (25g) with a lovely creamy taste. 35% cocoa Palm Oil free. The RRP is 60 pence a bag so these are a bargain. These buttons have a Best Before End date of 12th July 2018 but can be eaten past this date.


The buttons are a great resource for thank you treats, summer fetes and fund raising activities.


Be quick as stocks are limited. See our sale here. <http://meaningfulchocolate.cmail19.com/t/r-l-jyijiytd-ktiuijlikr-j/>


Sourcing details


The Swiss chocolate in our Chunky Buttons is very special. The organic sugar comes from cooperatives in Paraguay and Belize. Organic Cacao beans are sourced from cooperatives in the Dominican Republic, Peru, Panama and Ecuador. The buttons are made from organic chocolate but are not certified organic on the bags.





Dark Squares One a Day (£8 pay only £6.50)



A month's supply, 'One a Day', of our fruity, smooth dark squares packed into a white and gold chocolatier box. Price includes postage and packing.


They are ideal after dinner with coffee or as a treat for each day. They also make a great present or a great give away at events, especially events with a focus on Fairtrade.


32 x 5g dark 71% squares BBE Nov 2019


Be quick as stocks are limited. See our sale here. <http://meaningfulchocolate.cmail19.com/t/r-l-jyijiytd-ktiuijlikr-t/>





Christian Resources Exhibition free tickets offer



Planning to come to the Christian Resources Exhibition which takes place at Sandown Park this year? (Oct 16-18).


We are offering you unlimited free tickets. This is a genuinely free ticket. You will pay nothing to visit CRE 2018! On the day, the entrance price will be £8 so your complimentary ticket represents a significant saving.


Follow the link here <http://meaningfulchocolate.cmail19.com/t/r-l-jyijiytd-ktiuijlikr-i/>



Facebook <http://meaningfulchocolate.cmail19.com/t/r-l-jyijiytd-ktiuijlikr-d/> Twitter <http://meaningfulchocolate.cmail19.com/t/r-l-jyijiytd-ktiuijlikr-h/> Website <http://meaningfulchocolate.cmail19.com/t/r-l-jyijiytd-ktiuijlikr-k/>

Meaningful Chocolate Ltd

Based in the village of Lymm, we make the UK's favourite Fairtrade Easter egg and the UK's only charity Fairtrade Advent calendar. We also make other seasonal goods and a range of chocolate bars. We are proud to be part of the ethical trading community.

www meaningfulchocolate.co.uk


11a Eagle Brow, Lymm, WA13 OLP 0845 122 2882

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