9th May 2019

Be Still and Know - 'You Place Your Hand Of Blessing On My Head'

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Welcome to our daily devotional. We hope you will be blessed by Dr Micha Jazz's inspiring thoughts every Monday - Friday.


Psalm 139:5b-6 NLT


'You place your hand of blessing on my head. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too great for me to understand!'


What does blessing mean in practice? It suggests all the wonderful things that can impact our lives. Yet, we often have to deal with the good, the bad and the indifferent. For me, blessing is the power and strength to endure; it’s a gift from God. When things go wrong, when sleep eludes me through worry, I need to discover the strength to navigate my way through the despondency I am experiencing. I am not happy in the moment, but if I can find the energy and will to look towards God, I can discover an inner calm and the fortitude to press on. Blessing isn’t fluffy. It’s something we cannot muster for ourselves but are reliant on God to provide.

Jayne has a chronic pain condition that is disruptive. It impacts her ability to travel and has radically affected what she can eat. In so many ways, this pain is life-limiting. One thing we’ve noted is that Jayne’s faith is always contested in her physical body. She was born with curvature of the spine and was in a frame for the early years of her life. She has battled through many physical issues and discovered the blessing of God in each one, a blessing that has gifted her with the fortitude to press on and raise a voice in praise of God.

This way of God working into our lives is wonderful once we experience God’s blessing in adversity, yet impossible to understand. The many attempts to explain God and suffering falter as they attempt to create a comprehensible explanation for suffering. I’m not sure there is such an explanation. It is discovering God’s blessing in uncomfortable circumstances that perhaps above all else offers a witness to God’s reality, love and faithfulness.


QUESTION: In what area of your life do you need to find the strength to endure?


PRAYER: Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of your Son, the blessing of your Spirit and of your love and grace.

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