9th January 2017

Be Still and Know - 'Sin Whispers To The Wicked'

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"Sin whispers to the wicked, deep within their hearts. They have no fear of God at all."


Psalm 36:1 NLT


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When leading retreats, there is a moment of nervousness when I suggest we say the Lord’s Prayer together. The discomfort arises from which version we are to say. I stick to the version I was taught as a child, with “trespasses” and all! The word “trespass” means to transgress, literally to step over a line drawn by law, convention or common consent.


If we drive, we all transgress, albeit simply by driving above the speed limit. It’s because we both can, and in some way are wired to independent action, assuming we know how best to order our lives. When pulled over and issued a speeding ticket, we initially seek to justify our actions, even inventing some emergency in an attempt to avoid the penalty. Well, I do, anyway!


Where the psalmist speaks of the wicked being motivated by a desire to transgress regularly, I don’t think we’re speaking of a generic group of wicked people in contrast to good people, or God’s people. It is that wickedness resident in each of our hearts that strains to control our opinions and behaviours.


Since we may, in our estimation, not sin hugely, ie cross the line very far, we tend to think that somehow God appreciates our circumstances and turns a blind eye to our choices. Yet, I’ve come to recognise that simply crossing the line deeply impacts my friendship with God. It has only slowly dawned upon me the extent to which I have been blindsided through my own arrogance in minimising the reality of my own sinfulness while justifying my actions in a court of my own creation. I surrendered my right to judge my own life the moment I surrendered to Christ.








What transgressions have you given yourself a free pass for?


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Lord, you are not partly holy but utterly holy. Help me not to tolerate sin in my life.



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