8th September 2017

Be Still and Know - 'They Were Indignant'

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Welcome to our daily devotional. We hope you will be blessed by Dr Micha Jazz's inspiring thoughts every Monday - Friday.


"When the ten other disciples heard what James and John had asked, they were indignant."


Mark 10:41 NLT


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It seems like a lot of life is spent in reacting to people or events. The problem with reaction is that it is defined by those events and people. In other words, reactions are less about me than about others. Finding Christ and coming into Church made me much more aware of others. Now I found that I was measuring my thinking against that of other people. It became important to me to enjoy the affirmation of my mentors in the faith. This produced some conflict within when my thoughts differed from theirs. For the first time I was engaged in something where I felt a need to ‘fit in’. Somehow I imbibed a message that such ‘fitting in’ was another way of pleasing God.


Now I had two conflicting compass points in my life; true north and magnetic north. My walk of faith might drift off course and I was struggling to determine which compass point to follow. I remember when Katey and I were in the storm of our childlessness and we were presented with so many ‘reasons’ why by well-meaning Christians. We were prayed for hundreds of times, some simple prayers and some filled with obscure biblical interpretations and unique rituals. There were those well-placed leaders who prophesied children in very precise and clear terms. Yet never was the route to parenting we found depicted in these spiritual sessions. I felt we were actually becoming lost in the well-intentioned spiritual exercises of others.


I put a stop to all this intensity. Looked to God alone and set a course which God honoured. This was excellent training when we were later faced with MS. The other great piece of learning was not to take time to criticise others. The danger of following the wrong compass lead is that the further off course, the more my behaviours and attitudes moved away from my true north, Jesus I measured myself against others, I entertained resentment through comparison against others, and I grew judgemental. These are all unhelpful, and unhealthy, approaches to life in Christ. It’s to Jesus I’m accountable, right and wrong. I listen to others, yet don’t mistake them for my navigator.









Who is the navigator of your daily life?


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Lord Jesus, my call is to follow you. Help me do that faithfully.



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