8th May 2019

Be Still and Know - 'You Know Everything I Do'

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Psalm 139:3-4 NLT


'You see me when I travel and when I rest at home. You know everything I do. You know what I am going to say even before I say it, Lord.'


It’s interesting that I often set out in search of God. I perhaps feel distant or am disappointed with a reaction that I now regret. I sense distance between myself and God and determine to make my return. Today I see just how self-centred such thoughts are, for God is one who constantly observes where I travel and where I rest. God is never unaware of me. I am too often unaware of God. How can this be?

It was some years ago that I began to rethink my faith. I’d learned my faith through the kindness of activists, and therefore concluded that through acts of witness and service I most clearly demonstrated my love for God. Yet, as personal circumstances placed major questions before me, I found that restrictions placed upon me meant that my model for Christian discipleship needed a rethink. Travel and platforms were not available to me. That same travel and platform gave me my sense of identity and purpose, so as I responded to the need to stay home, I began to unravel. I discovered I did not know who I was.

Slowly I explored if there was a way of following God apart from frenetic activity. Of course there is, and yet the price was to face my own need for self-importance and public appeal. I needed to discover how small and insignificant I was so space could be made into which God could step. I discovered just how significant God is; and that my significance is in the fact that God knows, loves and accepts me. Now the lights began to go on within my spiritual appreciation. God knows my journey, and is present with me in my so-called successes as well as those episodes I’d rather avoid. In other words, I am entirely dependent upon God. God loves me, over which I actually have no control whatsoever.


QUESTION: How do your react to God’s total knowledge of your life?


PRAYER: That you have gone before me and know all my days gives me security. Help me, Lord, to trust you in the days ahead.

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