8th August 2018

Daily Reading: 8 August

(from www.christianaid.org.uk)


Forgive us when we grow weary in compassion.


Something to read


I have compassion for the crowd, because they have been with me now for three days and have nothing to eat.

Mark 8:2


Something to think

In the gospels, time and again we find Jesus filled with compassion for individuals, groups and crowds.  His compassion never seemed to waver. 

Do we ever grow weary in compassion? ‘Compassion fatigue’ is a phrase we've heard more often in recent years and it can occur for a variety of reasons. Maybe we see disturbing images on the screen depicting suffering and need in some part of the world, and we quickly switch to watching something more palatable and enjoyable? 

Whilst such a response is understandable, we presumably hope others wouldn’t react that way if we were the people in need. 

How good it is to know that God will never grow weary in compassion but it with us constantly in every situation in which we find ourselves and we can look to him for whatever we need.


Something to think about

Take time to reflect on people and situations which have moved you recently? Bring them to God.


Something to pray

Father forgive us when we grow weary in compassion and care more for ourselves than we do for others. How we praise you that you are a compassionate and merciful God.


Today’s contributor is Rev John Fulton, General Secretary of the United Free Church of Scotland.

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