6th May 2019

Daily Reading: 6 May

(from www.christianaid.org.uk)


The melody of praise and thanks should be in all we do.


Something to read


With trumpets and the sound of the horn
make a joyful noise before the King, the LORD

Psalm 98:6


Something to think about

My husband bought a ram’s horn, known as a shofar, which he practises on his own at the chapel we lead. Occasionally, he's blown it as part of the service.

It has a very loud and distinctive sound that makes you sit up and take notice. A sound that pierces through every other background noise. It cannot be misheard, mistaken or misunderstood.

This is a call to be joyful to God for what he has done. Marvellous things that are often too difficult to comprehend, culminating in the victory over death when Jesus rose from the grave.

This was not a quiet way of giving thanks; though we in the West don't like expressing ourselves too loudly, the verse before gives some balance as it speaks of the lyre, which is much more gentle.

Most of all though, there is to be the sound of melody. That melody of praise and thanks should be in all we do. If Jesus had the victory, then we are to give praise and thanks for that victory, and for all the marvellous things he has done.


Something to do

To remember that in our differences, our lives together and individually should be melodious in giving the praise and thankfulness to God.

Get involved this Christian Aid Week



Something to pray

Heavenly Father, help us to understand more fully just how much the gracious gift of Jesus, in his death and rising means, not just to me now, but to all humankind. Help us to be and to express our true praise and thankfulness in harmony with each other. In the lives we lead, the way we speak and the way we act. Amen.


Today’s contributor is Mary Walsh, a solicitor and editor with an MA in Biblical and Pastoral Theology, and who co-leads a church in Radcliffe, Manchester.

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