6th August 2018

Be Still and Know - 'We Have Depended On God's Grace, Not Our Own Human Wisdom'

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Welcome to our daily devotional. We hope you will be blessed by Dr Micha Jazz's inspiring thoughts every Monday - Friday.


2 Corinthians 1:12 NLT


'We can say with confidence and a clear conscience that we have lived with a God-given holiness and sincerity in all our dealings. We have depended on God’s grace, not on our own human wisdom. That is how we have conducted ourselves before the world, and especially toward you.'


In all honesty I am not always sure what I can say with a totally clear conscience. I’ve made significant decisions throughout my life, the consequences of which I am now left to explore at my leisure. Some decisions may have been taken in response to the challenge someone else presented, leaving me with a measure of regret over those decisions. Yet there is no point in reflecting on what might have been; ‘what if’ can never become a reality. Many of my decisions have been taken in light of my understanding of God’s wisdom and flown in the face of what human wisdom might offer me.

The upside is that I am comfortable with the way I have conducted myself, if insecure as to the impact and value such conduct has for God’s kingdom. This is only an issue when I compare myself with others. Why is it I, and perhaps you, assume others are doing so much better? Years of coaching here in St Cuthbert’s Oratory has revealed that most of us evaluate others rather too high and ourselves rather too low.

I recognise that I am growing to know God more clearly, love God more dearly and follow God more nearly. For me that’s the best description of simplicity. I wonder why I so often complicate everything and then I recall it’s because I engage brain ahead of heart. These three prayerful phrases for me encompass all of discipleship.


QUESTION: What simple thing could you do today to know God more clearly, love God more dearly and follow God more nearly?


PRAYER: Lord, lead me in paths of righteousness with love for you and for my neighbour.

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