5th June 2019

Novena Day 6: Prayer For Those With Disabilities

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We lift those who have disabilities to you today. Strengthen and empower them. Help us to be thoughtful and inclusive in our interactions with them/attitudes towards them.











But when you are praying, first forgive anyone you are holding a grudge against, so that your Father in heaven will forgive your sins, too.





Mark 11:25 NLT





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For me, many of the distractions I face in my Christian walk of discipleship arise from memories of past disappointments or hurts, resentments or even envy. When under its spell, I grow judgemental and critical. When I fail to recognise it, I invest my energies in reflections about myself and can become self-obsessed.





I am grateful for the ministry of confession. As I reflect upon my attitudes and behaviours, I’m able to measure them against God’s invitation to live by what Jesus identified as the two greatest commandments: love for God and love for neighbour (see Matthew 22:37-39). The process of examining my conscience has made me more self-aware as well as developing a more tender mind and heart. This means I am better placed to love others and myself.





I need continually to examine my conscience and address the anger that rises within, for too often it defeats the integrity of my prayers. How can I stand before God, however righteous my intention, while I carry anger and resentment in my heart towards others? If I live with fragmenting relationships, how may my prayers carry any authority as I pray for the restoration of relationships globally? Through prayer I enjoy the capacity and carry the responsibility to pray for peace and restoration in any city or country in the world. What a privilege. Yet, too often, I am the blockage to the realisation of God’s kingdom intention because of my own unforgiving nature. As I have been forgiven undeservedly and unreservedly by God, who am I to carry grudges or put others down? This is why I pay attention to my own spiritual development, for when I stagnate it is the same as dying to God.









What resentments, grudges or wounds lie within you hardening your heart towards God and others?




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Holy Spirit, come fill me afresh today. Enable me to examine my conscience to discover the wounds and hurts that build barriers between myself and you. These obstructions prevent the free flow of your Spirit of healing and reconciliation between peoples throughout the world. I make my confession to you today that your kingdom might come in the earth.








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