3rd December 2019

Be Still and Know - 'The Spirit Of The Lord Will Rest On Him'

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Isaiah 11:1-2a NLT


'Out of the stump of David’s family will grow a shoot – yes, a new Branch bearing fruit from the old root. And the Spirit of the Lord will rest on him...'


We are all familiar with the phrase “a chip off the old block”. This phrase dates back to 270 BC when it appeared in Theocritus’ Idylls. In a sermon dated to 1621, Robert Sanderson, Bishop of Lincoln, identified himself with Adam as “a child of the same Adam…a chip of the same block, with him”. Of course, we can all claim that we are related to Adam, yet we can also, through faith, lay hold of being image-bearers of God. The whole purpose of the Christian walk is first to discern and then to live a life that resembles the God likeness rather than the block who is Adam. This is our perpetual struggle.

While Israel first bemoaned the passing of the great king David, they subsequently prayed for a Messiah in the form of King David. God had different plans, and Christmas was completely to rewrite the nature of humanity’s relationship with God. The Messiah would in fact be related to the line of King David, but be an altogether different king. Jesus was entirely new, yet with recognisable characteristics. King David’s godly attributes and royalty were now revealed in someone who was both God and mortal, inextricably intertwined. Just as David emerged from the shadows, he was perceived as not having any royal attributes and was selected by a prophet, so too Jesus was the unlikely Son of God, fulfilling prophecy years after its original announcement.

Our pilgrimage this Advent is to go in search of this Messiah. We may claim to know him already, yet no one can claim to have fully explored the fullness of God. The terrain may appear familiar, the scriptures read many times, yet we anticipate a fresh message for ourselves.


QUESTION: When will you make space and time to reread the Christmas story from scripture?


PRAYER: Lord, I want to learn new things about Jesus and myself this Advent; please give me fresh insights.

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