1st December 2019

Daily Reading: 1 December

(from www.christianaid.org.uk)


Wakeful Waiting.


Something to read

Keep awake therefore, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming. Matthew 24: 42 from full passage Matthew 24:36-44

The Matthew passage invites us to a wakeful waiting this Advent, not being passively oblivious to the signs of the times. A waiting that makes us realise business as usual, as in the time of Noah, is not an option.

It is a particularly pertinent passage to be reading on the threshold of the United Nations COP Climate talks which were due to be in Chile this week but have had to be relocated due to the violence in Santiago.

Never has there been a greater need to be awake and alert to what is happening in the world; the droughts, storms and floods that are being experienced by many communities along with the mass extinction of species are confirmation and warning that urgent action needs to be taken.

The reference to the floods during the time of Noah in this passage offer both warning and hope. The warning to wake up from our wayward practices of overconsumption and greed that have caused and accelerated climate change such that life on earth is under threat. This warning is also shot through with the promise of God’s covenant with all of creation, a hope that we might draw on to avoid being overwhelmed by the enormity of the task in hand.


Something to do

Wear a Red Ribbon on this World AIDS Day.


Something to pray

God of all

wake us up

to be alert

to the signs

of the times

to the groans

the labour pains

of another world

coming into view

may we do

all we can

as image bearers

of the divine

to build peace

and restore creation

In your name

we pray, Amen.

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