14th May 2019

Daily Reading: 14 May

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Where do you place your trust?


Something to read


Go in peace; the God of Israel grants the petition you have made to him.

1 Samuel 1:17


Something to think about

The priest Eli instructs Hannah to go in peace and assures her that God will grant what she has asked of him.

This moment is cathartic for Hannah – she takes assurance from her faith, trusting in God to hear her prayer. For Tenneh, as well as her faith in God, she also describes how she and her village have put their trust in nurse Judith.

Judith works around the clock to meet the needs of mums and young children who come to the health clinic. She is full of compassion for the mums and helped Tenneh to face her fears after a traumatic birth.


Something to do

Where do you place your trust? Many of us place our trust in God to guide us in times of need. It is when we are at our most vulnerable that we place our trust in others.

Later in life, Later in life, Beryl had an operation on her eye. When she woke up after surgery, she saw an African nurse was holding her hand.

Christian Aid supporter Beryl Hadwin had an operation on her eye. Putting her trust in the doctors and nurses caring for her, Beryl awoke to see an African nurse was holding her hand. That moment of tender care inspired Beryl to give a gift in her Will to healthcare in Africa.

That gift, along with your gifts this Christian Aid Week, could help provide urgently-needed healthcare for countries like Sierra Leone.

This Christian Aid Week, we invite our supporters to consider leaving a gift in your Will like Beryl, bringing new life and hope to some of the world’s poorest people.


Something to pray

Christian Aid Week prayer

God our Mother and Father,
we praise you
for the blessings you shower upon us.
Bless the lives of our sisters and brothers
and their precious children.
In life's saddest moments,
that’s when we feel your love most, O Jesus.
Continue to dwell in our hearts, Lord.
May your love keep us strong.


Today’s daily reading is based on the Christian Aid Week devotional.

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