13th February 2017

Be Still and Know - 'Talk Is Cheap, Like Daydreams And Other Useless Activities'

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Welcome to our daily devotional. We hope you will be blessed by Dr Micha Jazz's inspiring thoughts every Monday - Friday.


"Talk is cheap, like daydreams and other useless activities. Fear God instead."


Ecclesiastes 5:7 NLT


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We live in a world of instant answers. Wisdom, once located among the aged, is now found online instantaneously. When we want something, that want is often framed as a need and demands immediate attention. It’s like an irritating mosquito bite demanding a scratch.


I recognise how waiting for something that I want attending to generates a growing impatience within me. These feelings easily lead to treating others with disdain or sarcasm, judging the efforts of those whose help I require and an anger expressed verbally that all too easily leads to my mistreatment of others. I have slowly learned that this is simply because I failed for so long to appreciate the nature of prayer.


The word is easy to say, and it’s meaning apparently all too clear. Yet what is prayer in reality? Today I’d say prayer is choosing to approach God and wait in patience. Even as my world collapses, what I experience is beyond my comprehension and natural management skills. I am invited to be still and wait before God.


My intercessions run out of fresh energy when expectations of immediate responses that meet my felt need aren’t forthcoming. It’s a question of refusing to follow the path of angry reaction that opens wide before me. Prayer offers me the opportunity to seek and to find the narrow path of godly perseverance and witness.


Prayer is not focused upon me. Life consistently projects my circumstances as number one on my needs list. However, these felt needs are no more than my preferences. This was the critical battle always upon the frontline of wrestling with Katey’s MS. Learning peacefulness within the storms of my own inner turmoil took time and work.


Prayer is not a card to be used when required at some sanctified cash machine. Of course, cash machines can only ever dispense what’s already been invested. So I discovered quickly I was pretty much bankrupt when MS drove me forcefully into God’s arms in search of a miracle.








Do you expect God to answer your prayers immediately?


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Lord, as you teach me to pray, give me the patience to listen and wait on you.



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