12th September 2017

Be Still and Know - 'He Heals The Brokenhearted'

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"He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds."


Psalm 147:3 NLT


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Brokenhearted is applied casually to the loss of one’s first infatuation through to the death of a spouse or a child. The words are the same, the experiences something quite different. One thing’s for certain; there’s no moving on until I have turned and faced that broken heart full in the face. In facing my greatest heartache I encounter my fears and the rash of negative emotions that this stirs up.


My own journey through grief, in all its many cycles and phases, taught me that recalling Katey from my memory was essential, if challenging. Initially all I could find was images of the last few months of her life, her broken, twisted body. Slowly as time passed and I pushed back into my memory, I rediscovered the Katey I’d fallen in love with, courted, married and had so much fun with. The past was not to be avoided, but carefully navigated and recovered. I also had to accept and embrace my aloneness, or independence, to give it another description. What was I to do in this new-found state? It took a while to accept it, and even longer time to know how to go forward. I changed my name, not to desert my past, but to acknowledge that it was ‘my past’ and that somehow I had to find ‘my future’!


I held some imaginary conversations with Katey and she most definitely told me that she gave me her love for my lifetime, and I was still alive. I recalled words she had often spoken in our last few months together, “Remember to love again.” What initially felt like betrayal and always filled me up with tears eventually was realised through the generosity of Jayne, someone who voluntarily gave me love.


Healing a broken heart takes nothing away from the scars of that brokenness, yet the wounds are carefully and lovingly bound, wounds that may not heal entirely yet provide the foundation for a richer and fuller life, one that is gift to both self and others. It nurtures selflessness.








How might you find God, whose promise is to heal broken hearts?


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Lord, be my healer and the healer of all those grieving and hurting.



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