12th May 2017

Be Still and Know - 'Leave Your Native Country'

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"The LORD had said to Abram, “Leave your native country, your relatives, and your father’s family, and go to the land that I will show you.”"


Genesis 12:1 NLT


 <http://i.emlfiles4.com/cmpimg/t/s.gif>   FRIDAY


I discovered I might benefit from spiritual direction when God disturbed my comfort zone. I was living faithfully as a Christian, diligently pursuing God and confident in my call. Yet, a change in personal circumstances started tremors that ultimately erupted into a full-blown earthquake. The constructs I’d come to depend upon began to collapse. I was in danger of serious injury.


I now faced two choices. Either run around in the hope that I could resist the power of the earthquake, or recognise that the damage was so great that I needed to pack up and move out. I chose the latter, not least because I had little conviction to either repair or rebuild what had failed to withstand the storm.


This meant leaving all that I knew, with no clear understanding of where I was to go. How I depended upon someone I could talk with honestly without fear of judgement, correction or rejection. The shock I carried with me from the rubble of my previous existence impacted my ability to focus upon the journey I needed to take. I had questions and recriminations concerning the earthquake I’d experienced. I needed to tell things as I saw and felt them. Until I did so, the dust from the rubble obscured my perspective from every angle.


Heading in a fresh direction and beginning again are terrifying. All I knew had to be revisited and tested for fear that I would reconstruct substandard buildings. The very act of deconstructing to reconstruct required effort and raised the prospect that I might actually lose God in the process. In fact I did lose sight of God on a number of occasions. As I moved through this process, made my way, as it were, through unfamiliar landscapes, the encouragement of someone listening and accompanying me cannot be overestimated. The questions I might never fathom, let alone frame, were presented to me, the emotional reactions and responses explored, in ways that made me uncomfortable, for which reason, left alone, I might have avoided them. Slowly a new landscape emerged and I was able to build once again.









How open are you to God’s call to move onwards?


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Lord, not my will but yours be done.



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