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29 November     11.00am            Morning Worship – Joint Service in Carnoustie                                             Church.  Souper Sunday for COS HIV/AIDS Project

04 December     10.00am            Friday Coffee Break – Philip Hall

06 December     9.30am             Second Sunday of Advent

10 December     2.00pm             Christmas Afternoon Teas – Barry Church Hall

12 December     12.30pm            Guild Christmas Lunch – Barry Downs

13 December     9.30am             Toy & Gift Service for Angus Women’s Aid

14 December     7.30pm             Kirk Session – Barry Church Hall

15 December     7.30pm             Community Carol Concert – Carnoustie Church

20 December     9.30am             Family Service of Lessons & Carols

24 December     6.30pm             Christingle Service – Barry Parish Church

                                                Offering to Tayside Children with Cancer & Leukaemia

                        11.30pm            Watchnight Service – Carnoustie Church

                                                Offering to Scottish Bible Society

25 December     10.30am            Joint Family Celebration in Carnoustie Church

27 December     9.30am             Morning Worship

03 January        9.30am             Morning Worship

07 January        2.15pm             Guild – Life in South Africa – Elaine Bottoms

10 January        9.30am             Morning Worship

11 January        7.30pm             Queen’s Birthday Party Planning Meeting – Barry                                     Church Hall

15 January        7.30pm             Concert with Heather Tweddle – Barry Church Hall

17 January        9.30am             Morning Worship

24 January        9.30am             The Lord’s Supper – Barry Parish Church

                        11.15am            The Lord’s Supper – Carnoustie Church

                        6.30pm             The Lord’s Supper – St Stephen’s Chapel

31 January        9.30am             Morning Worship

                        2.30pm             Afternoon Communion – Kinloch Care Centre








Who’s who in Barry Parish Church?



Minister                                           Rev Michael Goss 410194


Ordained Local Minister               Rev Dougal Edwards                                                         852666


Session Clerk                                Mrs Jan Scott        852884


Treasurer                                       Mr Malcolm Sim    852564


FWO and Gift Aid Organiser        Mr Malcolm Sim    852564                                                        


Roll Keeper                                    Mrs Jan Scott        852884


Organist                                          Mr Ken Cullen                                                                      875155                               


Sunday School Superintendent  Rev Michael Goss 410194


Property Convenor                       Mr Edwin Hughes 550593


Mission Partner Correspondent Mr Graham Suttie            


Church Officer                               Mr Iain Ogilvie


Flower Organiser                          Shirley Murison                                                              410062                    


Child Protection Contact             


Life and Work Organiser              Mrs Jan Scott        852884


Newsletter Editor                          Mr Malcolm Sim                852564



Guild Contact                                 Mrs Shirley Murison         410062                                   



Prayer Focus


We offer these thoughts to add to your own prayers;


1. Paris – Pray for all who suffered as a result of the terrorist attack in November, and for peace among different communities in Europe.

2. Christmas Services – Pray for the various services over this season that the message of Jesus would be clearly shared and that many might come to hear it at these special events.

3. Refugees – Pray for the refugees coming to Scotland, that they would be welcomed into our society and helped to feel that they belong here.


Door Duties


06 December               Malcolm Sim               Eddie Hughes

13                                 Malcolm Sim               Ron Campbell

20                                 Malcolm Sim               Mabel Gordon

27                                 Malcolm Sim               Jan Scott

03 January                   Malcolm Sim               Shirley Murison

10                                 Malcolm Sim               David Pattullo

17                                 Malcolm Sim               Eileen Ramsay

24                                 Malcolm Sim               Peter Ramsay

31                                 Malcolm Sim               Eddie Hughes


Sunday Tea Rotas


Please note that teas are served after 9.30am service


06 December               Eileen Ramsay             Elaine Bottoms

13                                 Patricia Pattullo           Shirley Murison

20                                 Shirley Murison           Rosemary Docherty

27                                 Sally MacKenzie          Muriel McConnell

03 January                   Alice Hughes               Jan Scott

10                                 Eileen Ramsay             Elaine Bottoms

17                                 Patricia Pattullo           Shirley Murison

24                                 Shirley Murison           Rosemary Docherty

31                                 Sally MacKenzie          Muriel McConnell


Someone is required to help out with teas (approx. every 5 weeks).  Please contact Shirley Murison if you can help.                    



If you do not already know Barry and Carnoustie are partnered with Mission Aviation Fellowship.  We have decided to support work being carried out in Madagascar.  Irene Hoar is our local co-ordinator and here is her first report.


Mission Aviation Fellowship


MAF has been working in Madagascar for 25 years and there have been celebrations to mark that milestone this year.  Miles of bunting carrying messages from all over the world was strung out over the celebrations taking place in various places on the island and the MAF staff were amazed at the support received from so many people.

Of the 5 international staff working in Madagascar the UK representative is pilot Becki Dillingham.

Becki grew up in Devon and took her first flying lesson at the age of 9 before finally getting a private pilot's licence in South Africa once her A levels were completed.  She went on to study physics at Bath university where she met Matt, who was also studying physics, and they married in 2008.  

When Becki was in Bath she joined a local church and attended the Christian Union and it was through the Christian Union that she first heard of MAF.    She became an area rep giving presentations to groups throughout the south west of England.  Area Reps often get the opportunity to visit a working base and in 2007 Becki went to Uganda to see their MAF operation in action.  She decided because of that visit to gain the necessary flying experience and begin the application process to become a pilot with MAF.   Bethan was born in 2012 and the family moved to Madagascar in September 2014 to serve with the MAF programme there.

One of the milestones that Becki helped mark was the first all female flight in Madagascar.  And it really was all about the girls – the trio of lady passengers from Assemblies of God flown by pilot Becki to Manakara in south-eastern Madagascar to speak to the women at the church there.

Becki and Matt ask for our prayers to support their work in Madagascar and if you want to know more about what they do or how to help them please get in touch with me and I will give you more details.  I can also arrange for you to get the free quarterly magazine with all sorts of news about the various countries where MAF works as well as the pilots and engineers doing this mission work.




There are several events being organised during this year of partnership, some being held for a couple of hours and some lasting a few days.  There are several new initiatives that have been recently introduced and one is Wrap up for a Beautiful Christmas. 

The idea is to provide a service for folk who find it difficult to wrap their Christmas gifts so volunteers would get together in a 'Wrapping Station' e.g. the Philip Hall to help wrap parcels.   People will be asked to bring along their gift, with the paper and tag, for the volunteers to wrap and they will be asked to give a donation supporting the work of MAF. 

The idea is still under consideration but if anyone is willing to help in any way with this I will be happy to hear from you as soon as possible.



 Congregational Register



“Jesus said, ‘I am the resurrection and the life.  Whoever believes in me shall not perish, but have everlasting life.”

September 15                Elizabeth Neilson, Ravensby Road


October 1                      Margaret Graham, Ravensby Park Gardens

October 20                    Edwin Manby, Kinloch Street

November 6                   George Thain, Ravensby Road


In keeping with Data Protection principles, we are reducing the information that will be recorded in the Barry Magazine.  Street numbers will no longer be included and full names may be shortened (if appropriate).

Electronic Newsletter

The Editor is investigating the issue of the newsletter by email. This would allow the church to cut down on its use of paper and printing costs.   Obviously not everyone has access to email but the majority do these days.   To do this I require to build a database of email addresses.  If you would prefer this method of receiving your newsletter please email myself at so I can build the database.  I will keep you posted as to progress.

Barry Church Website


"Declare His glory among the nations, His marvellous deeds among all peoples." Psalm 96: 3 (NIV)


To make sure you don't miss out on any breaking news from Barry Church visit our website which is updated daily. Click on 'News' for reports and other information about all the latest happenings within the Church locally, nationally and worldwide, and scroll through the 'Calendar' page for details of upcoming services, meetings, social events, fundraisers, etc. Choose 'Church Magazine' to view this newsletter online and among the site's other features is a daily Bible verse with an additional option of listening to a reading of the full chapter for that day. You can also now view 'Prayer Topics', as suggested by Angus Presbytery, 'Devotionals', as supplied daily Monday to Friday by Dr Micha Jazz courtesy of Premier Christian Radio, details of the Barry Church Guild 2015-16 Syllabus, and regular updates on our recently launched Mission Aviation Fellowship Partnership.

Latest viewing statistics for the website show that between January 1 and November 10 this year a total of 260,160 hits were registered, an average of 828 per day. The figure for the whole of 2014 was 78,581. A big thank you to our growing family of online followers.





Thank you for all the used stamps received recently.

The World Mission 2015 stamp appeal is going towards supporting the Church of Scotland HIV programme, which enables partner churches to respond to the challenge of HIV in their communities. The project supports 29 projects in 17 countries, including Scotland. These projects range from home-based care to awareness raising and addressing stigma through education. Please continue supporting our partner churches as they respond to the HIV pandemic by collecting used stamps which are sold on to make money available each year for this project.

 You can leave your stamps at the Church door and they will be collected.


Guild News


Guild Theme – Be Bold, Be Strong           Topic – Go In Peace


Contact Person: Shirley Murison (01241 410062)

Treasurer: Grace Byars

Committee: Mina Robertson, Mabel Gordon, Sylvia Knowles, Jane Stewart, Rosemary Docherty


The Guild’s famous Afternoon Teas have been a great success and have raised £657.73 towards their projects for this year; Street Pastors Ascension Trust and All Friends Together (Churches helping people with disabilities).   This was a marvellous effort and thanks go to who helped in any way.


Unless otherwise stated all meetings start at 2.15pm.


Diary of events


Thursday 10 December - 2.00pm – You are invited to join us for an afternoon of Christmas Carols and enjoy tea, mince pies & fellowship.  We look forward to seeing you then.


Saturday 12 December – 12.30 for 1.00pm – Christmas Lunch at The Bistro, Barry Downs


Thursday 7 January – Life in South Africa – Elaine Bottoms


The Guild wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



Details of further events in future newsletters




Presbytery Prayer Mailing List


A mailing list has been set up via the Angus Presbytery website. It is hoped that many individuals both from Presbytery and its congregations will be encouraged to sign up and use the mailing list to distribute prayer requests.

To register on the mailing list, visit and register as a user on the site. When you validate your registration, you can then login to view your profile. There will be an option in your profile to sign up to the mailing list. Thereafter, any email sent to by a signed-up member will be circulated round the rest of the signed-up membership.

To begin with, prayer requests will go through an ‘approval’ process. Please be assured that this is not to vet prayer requests, but to ensure that any spam emails are intercepted before being circulated.


Services for Advent and Christmas

Sunday 29th November – 1st Sunday in Advent

11 am                          Joint Service in Carnoustie

                        Souper Sunday for HIV/AIDS project

Sunday 6th December

9.30 am                       Morning Service

Sunday 13th December

9.30 am                       Toy and Gift Service for Angus Women’s Aid

Tuesday 15th December

7.30 pm                       Community Carol Concert – Carnoustie Church

Sunday 20th December

9.30 am                       Family Service of Lessons and Carols

Thursday 24th December (Christmas Eve)

6.30 pm                       Christingle Service (Barry)

                                    – offering for TCCL

11.30 pm                     Watchnight Service (Carnoustie)

                                    – offering for Scottish Bible Society

Friday 25th December (Christmas Day)

10.30 am                     Joint Family Celebration in Carnoustie Church

Sunday 27th December 2015

9.30am                        Morning Service

Sunday 3rd January 2016

9.30am                        Morning Service




Coming Up

Fri 4th Dec                   Friday Coffee Break

                                    10-11.30 am    Philip Hall

Thurs 10th Dec            Christmas Afternoon Teas

                                    2 – 3.30 pm     Church Hall

Monday 14th Dec         Kirk Session

                                    7.30 pm           Church Hall

Sat 26th Dec – Sat 2nd Jan     Minister’s Holiday

Monday 11th Jan          Queen’s Birthday Party planning

                                    7.30 pm           Church Hall

Friday 15th Jan            Concert with Heather Tweddle

                                    7.30 pm           Church Hall

Sunday 24th Jan          The Lord’s Supper

                                    9.30 am           Barry Parish Church

                                    11.15 am         Carnoustie Church

                                    6.30 pm           St Stephen’s Chapel

Sunday 31st Jan          Afternoon Communion

                                    2.30 pm           Kinloch Care Centre

Sunday 7th Feb           Messy Church

                                    2-3.30 pm        Carnoustie Church


Toy & Gift Service – Sunday 13 December

The gifts are as usual being donated to Angus Women’s Aid.  Please Christmas Wrap and indicate whether for boy or girl and age range.   Last year we surpassed ourselves.  It would be great to beat last year.


Christingle Service – Thursday 24 December

Remember your Oranges, Cake Candles & Ribbon.  

The offering this year is going to TCCL (Tayside Children with Cancer & Leukaemia).  This is a wonderful charity worthy of our help.  If you can’t make it to the service but would still like to donate please put your donation in an envelope marked TCCL and put in with weekly offering.






From the Minister’s Desk

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.”

Matthew 25: 35


Dear Friends,

As we move towards Christmas the events of November begin to fade; however, the horror of the Paris attacks that left 129 dead must still be very much in our thoughts.  Shortly afterwards we saw the arrival of the first plane-load of Syrian refugees at Glasgow airport.

I was proud of our country and its leaders in Parliament and in local authorities who have welcomed these desperately vulnerable families into our communities.  There are, of course, those who try to inflate concerns about the possible arrival of hidden terrorists among them.  For Christians, providing a safe home must be an obvious response to the horror of the Syrian war.

There are now more than a million refugees barely subsisting in Lebanon and another 600,000 at least in Jordan.  These are countries without our modern infrastructure struggling to cope with the sheer scale of this suffering.  What the UK is offering is just scratching the surface, but is at least targeted on some of the most desperate cases.

The nature of Islamic fundamentalism and the evils of the so-called Islamic State terrorists are almost incomprehensible to us.  That the violence and wickedness of suicide bombers and they should be done in the name of God strikes us as blasphemous.  We could spend a long time trying to analyse and understand the causes of these actions.

But it may be more helpful to think of the right response to what we have seen and heard.  Providing shelter for the victims must certainly be a part of it.  Simply calling for bombs or invasion is unlikely to bring any real solution, as it hasn’t in the Middle East throughout this past century.

The real change needs to come in the hearts of the people.  Yes, security concerns must be met; but what can start to bring peace is not a new crusading army, but the proclamation of the Gospel of the Prince of Peace.  The only lasting hope is of conversion through persuasion, not force.  And that is why, ultimately, IS will fail, and God’s Kingdom will come.

Here in Scotland that means that we need to continue to pray, to welcome strangers, and to show by our lives the difference that the Lord Jesus Christ makes and can make for them.


Yours in the blessing and peace of our risen Lord Jesus,

Mike Goss



Finance Statement


Balance per Statement at 31/12/14                                                      £4,934.91                               

Income                                                                                                  £24,324.56

Expenditure                                                                                           £24,699.10


Balance in Bank at 30 October 2015                                              £4,560.37


Please note that the Treasurer, Malcolm Sim is now looking after the FWO and Gift Aid.   Should you have any queries or would like to take FWO envelopes or donate through Gift Aid please feel free to get in touch.


Please note, as we head towards the end of the year, to bring your giving up to date to allow the Church to meet its financial commitments and move into the New Year in a healthy financial condition.


Flower Calendar


06 Dec                        Christmas Flowers                 13            Christmas Flowers

20                    Christmas Flowers                 27        Christmas Flowers

03 Jan             Christmas Flowers                 10        Mina Robertson

17                                                                    24



Anyone wishing to put flowers in the church should put their name on the flower calendar at church door or speak to Shirley Murison.         


Readers Rotas


Date                                        Reading                     Prayers


06 December                             Graham Suttie  

13                                             Shirley Murison              Graham Suttiie

20                                             Hugh McKenzie

27                                             Iain Ogilvie


03 January                                Malcolm Sim                 Jane Stewart

10                                             Graham Suttie

17                                             Shirley Murison

24                                             Hugh McKenzie             Iain Ogilvie

31                                             Jan Scott                     



5 Short Prayers for Christmas



Come, thou long expected Jesus,

Born to set your people free;

From our fears and sins release us,

Let us find our rest in Thee.


Charles Wesley



“Glory to God in the highest and peace, good will towards men”


Luke 2.14



Joy to the world! The Lord is come;

Let earth receive her King;

Let every heart prepare Him room’

And heaven and nature sing.


Isaac Watts



What can I give Him, poor as I am?

If I were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb;

If I were a wise man, I would do my part;

Yet what can I give Him – give my heart.


Christina Rossetti



Purify my conscience, Almighty God, by your daily visitation, that your Son Jesus Christ, at his coming, may find me in a mansion prepared for himself; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen


Book of Common Prayer



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