August / September       2015




























Charity No: SC002545











































02 August         10.00am           Joint Family Service – Carnoustie Church

05 August         3.00pm             Braehill Lodge – Afternoon Service

09 August         10.00am           Joint Family Service – Carnoustie Church

10 August         7.30pm             Kirk Session Meeting – Church Hall

16 August         9.30am             Morning Worship

                                                Chris Southwick - Christians against Poverty

19 August         7.30pm             The God Question 3 Part 1 – Philip Hall

23 August         9.30am             Morning Worship

26 August         7.30pm             The God Question 3 Part 2 – Philip Hall

27 August         2.00pm             Guild Afternoon Teas – Church Hall

29 August         10.00am           Christian Aid Coffee Morning – Philip Hall       

30 August         9.30am             Morning Worship – Disability Sunday


03 September  2.15pm             Guild Meeting – Rev Mike Goss

                        3.00pm             Brookfield RHE – Afternoon Communion

06 September  9.30am             Morning Worship – Guild Dedication

09 September  7.30pm             Billy Graham: The Cross – Philip Hall

13 September  9.30am             Morning Worship

20 September  9.30am             Morning Worship – Harvest Thanksgiving

                        2.00pm             Messy Church – Carnoustie Church

24 September 2.00pm             Guild Afternoon Teas – Church Hall

27 September  9.30am             Morning Worship – Mission Aviation Fellowship

                        2.30pm             Kinloch Care Centre Service


01 October       2.15pm             Guild Meeting – Rev Alistair Morrice


Please note that the Minister will be on holiday Saturday 3 – Friday 16 October








Who’s who in Barry Parish Church?



Minister                                           Rev Michael Goss 410194


Ordained Local Minister               Rev Dougal Edwards                                                         852666


Session Clerk                                Mrs Jan Scott        852884


Treasurer                                       Mr Malcolm Sim    852564


FWO and Gift Aid Organiser        Mr Malcolm Sim    852564                                                        


Roll Keeper                                    Mrs Jan Scott        852884


Organist                                          Mr Ken Cullen                                                                      875155                               


Sunday School Superintendent  Rev Michael Goss 410194


Property Convenor                       Mr Edwin Hughes 550593


Mission Partner Correspondent Mr Graham Suttie            


Church Officer                               Mr Iain Ogilvie


Flower Organiser                         


Child Protection Contact             


Life and Work Organiser              Mrs Jan Scott        852884


Newsletter Editor                          Mr Malcolm Sim                852564



Guild Contact                                 Mrs Shirley Murison         410062                                   



Prayer Focus


We offer these thoughts to add to your own prayers;


1. Outreach events – Pray for The God Question and The Cross events that are aimed at encouraging non-members to engage with the Christian faith.

2. Student – Pray for Sue as she concludes her time with us in August and moves on to the next stage in her training.

3. Church of Scotland Guild – Give thanks for the work of the Guild locally and nationally, as members serve the wider Church in many ways.



Door Duties


02 August                     Joint Service in Carnoustie Church

09                                 Joint Service in Carnoustie Church

16 August                     Malcolm Sim               Eddie Hughes

23                                 Malcolm Sim               Ron Campbell

30                                 Malcolm Sim               Mabel Gordon

06 September              Malcolm Sim               Jan Scott

13                                 Malcolm Sim               Shirley Murison

20                                 Malcolm Sim               David Pattullo

27                                 Malcolm Sim               Eileen Ramsay

04 October                   Malcolm Sim               Peter Ramsay


Sunday Tea Rotas


Please note that teas are served after 9.30am service


02 August                     Joint Service in Carnoustie Church

09                                 Joint Service in Carnoustie Church

16 August                     Eileen Ramsay             Elaine Bottoms

23                                 Patricia Pattullo

30                                 Shirley Murison           Rosemary Docherty

06 September              Sally McKenzie            Muriel McConnell

13                                 Alice Hughes               Jan Scott                    

20                                 Eileen Ramsay             Elaine Bottoms

27                                 Patricia Pattullo

04 October                   Shirley Murison           Rosemary Docherty





One More Step - Sue Christian



Just a short note in the newsletter to say hello to everyone in Barry. I am a student of Word and Sacrament and I'm doing my summer placement with you all for 10 weeks.  You may know me around the town, church events or visiting by my distinct Aussie accent.

Despite the fact I have lived here for 15 years, my Scottish language skills are minimal. I know a lot of Scottish words but when I string them all together it doesn't sound at all Scottish.

I was drawn to these Scottish shores by my upbringing as my mum was Scottish and had told my since I was a child of the beauty of Scotland and the friendly people who lived there. She was very right as it is the loveliest place to live and it has become my permanent home. I'm a Scozzie now!

I wasn't always in church work and spent many years as a journalist on a daily newspaper – a  job which was challenging and demanding. I loved it. God often has different ideas than us though and eventually my church commitments grew into something stronger.  I worked as a pastoral assistant for a number of years before heading to university to study theology at St Andrews.

In the midst of all this I was accepted for OLM initially and then converted eight months ago to full time word and sacrament ministry. God has a way of making the way clear if it's meant to be, or as my mum used to say 'What's before you won't go past you'.

As I take this step on this journey I look forward to getting to know each of you better.

In God's Love

Sue Christian




 Congregational Register



“Jesus said, ‘I am the resurrection and the life.  Whoever believes in me shall not perish, but have everlasting life.”

March      16      Kenneth Knowles, 3 Westfield Street *

June        25      Alexander ‘Mick’ Brymer, 13 Lingard Street

July         03      Mrs Helen Whytock, 168 Kinloch Street *

*Denotes church member

Service Times for 2015

Please note – Following the service time’s questionnaire and discussion at the Kirk Session, services will remain at 9.30am during 2015 and 2016, with the exception of joint Summer Services and other special occasions.  There will then be a further review of church times in summer 2016.


Electronic Newsletter

The Editor is investigating the issue of the newsletter by email. This would allow the church to cut down on its use of paper and printing costs.   Obviously not everyone has access to email but the majority do these days.   To do this I require to build a database of email addresses.  If you would prefer this method of receiving your newsletter please email myself at so I can build the database.  I will keep you posted as to progress.


Barry Church Website


"Declare His glory among the nations, His marvellous deeds among all peoples." Psalm 96: 3 (NIV)


To make sure you don't miss out on any breaking news from Barry Church visit our website which is now updated daily. Click on 'News' for reports and other information about all the latest happenings within the Church locally, nationally and worldwide, and scroll through the 'Calendar' page for details of upcoming services, meetings, social events, fundraisers, etc. Choose 'Church Magazine' to view this newsletter online and among the site's other features is a daily Bible verse with an additional option of listening to a reading of the full chapter for that day. Two new features added recently are 'Prayer Topics', as suggested by Angus Presbytery, and 'Devotionals', as supplied daily Monday to Friday by Dr Micha Jazz courtesy of Premier Christian Radio.

Latest viewing statistics for the website show that between January 1 and July 10 this year a total of 121,286 hits were registered, an average of 635 per day. The figure for the whole of 2014 was 78,581. A big thank you to all our online followers.





Thank you for all the used stamps received recently.

The World Mission 2015 stamp appeal is going towards supporting the Church of Scotland HIV programme, which enables partner churches to respond to the challenge of HIV in their communities. The project supports 29 projects in 17 countries, including Scotland. These projects range from home-based care to awareness raising and addressing stigma through education. Please continue supporting our partner churches as they respond to the HIV pandemic by collecting used stamps which are sold on to make money available each year for this project.

 You can leave your stamps at the Church door and they will be collected.


Guild News


Guild Theme – Be Bold, Be Strong           Topic – Go In Peace


Contact Person: Shirley Murison (01241 410062)

Treasurer: Grace Byars

Committee: Mina Robertson, Mabel Gordon, Sylvia Knowles, Jane Stewart, Rosemary Docherty


The Guild’s famous Afternoon Teas have started so come along for a nice cup of tea, goodies and friendship.  Put these dates in your diaries: Thursday 27 August & Thursday 24 August.  Costing £2.00 they start at 2.00pm so come along and help the Guild support their projects for this year: Street Pastors Ascension Trust and All Friends Together (Churches helping people with disabilities)


The monthly meetings restart on Thursday 3 September and everyone is welcome to come along (yes even you gentlemen).  The fees the year are £12.00 and we look forward to welcoming new members.   Unless otherwise stated all meetings start at 2.15pm.


Diary of events


Thursday 3 September           Be Bold, Be Strong – Rev Mike Goss


Sunday 6 September  9.30am Dedication Service


Thursday 1 October    ‘A the Pairt’s, A the Airt’s – Rev Alistair Morrice


Details of further events in future newsletters




Mrs Helen Whytock

Members of Barry Parish Church were saddened to hear of the sudden but peaceful passing of Helen Whytock on the 23rd of June.  She had been an Elder on the Kirk Session for many years, had taught in the Sunday School and served as President and Treasurer of the Guild.  In the wider Church she served on the Guild Presbyterial Council, and then for a time as Presbytery Elder on Angus Presbytery.

Helen loved music and singing, and enjoyed being able to sing in church choirs over the years.  She was a strong character despite her size, but also full of fun and laughter.  I enjoyed getting to know Helen over the years I have served in Barry, and appreciated the support she gave to the church in many different ways, including summer Barbeques, serving the teas and coffees on Sundays and her regular door duty.

Helen will be missed by the congregation and the community, by her many friends, and by her daughter Yvonne, son-in-law Tony, daughter-in-law Anne Marie, granddaughter Claire and great-granddaughter Aila, and other family members.



Presbytery Prayer Mailing List


A mailing list has been set up via the Angus Presbytery website. It is hoped that many individuals both from Presbytery and its congregations will be encouraged to sign up and use the mailing list to distribute prayer requests.

To register on the mailing list, visit and register as a user on the site. When you validate your registration, you can then login to view your profile. There will be an option in your profile to sign up to the mailing list. Thereafter, any email sent to by a signed-up member will be circulated round the rest of the signed-up membership.

To begin with, prayer requests will go through an ‘approval’ process. Please be assured that this is not to vet prayer requests, but to ensure that any spam emails are intercepted before being circulated.




Coming Up


Sun 2 August                10.00am            Joint Service in Carnoustie

Wed 5 August               3.00pm             Braehill Lodge Afternoon Service

Sun 9 August                10.00am            Final Joint Service in Carnoustie

Mon 10 August              7.30pm             Kirk Session – Church Hall

Sun 16 August               9.30am             Christians against Poverty

                                                            Chris Southwick

Wed 19 August              7.30pm             The God Question 3 Part 1 – Philip Hall

Wed 26 August              7.30pm             The God Question 3 Part 2 – Philip Hall

Thur 27 August              2.00pm             Barry Guild Afternoon Tea – Church Hall

Sat 29 August               10.00am            Christian Aid Coffee Morning – Philip Hall

Sun 30 August               9.30am             Disability Sunday


Thur 3 September          2.00pm             Barry Guild Opening Meeting

                                                            Rev Mike Goss – Be Bold, Be Strong

Thur 3 September          3.00pm             Brookfield RHE Afternoon Communion

Sun 6 September           9.30am             Guild Dedication

Wed 9 September          7.30pm             Billy Graham: The Cross – Philip Hall

Sun 13 September         11.00am            BB Dedication – Carnoustie Church

Sun 20 September         9.30pm             Harvest Thanksgiving

Sun 20 September         2.00pm             Messy Church - Carnoustie

Thur 24 September         2.00pm             Barry Guild Afternoon Tea – Church Hall

Sun 27 September         9.30am             Mission Aviation Fellowship Partnership

Sun 27 September         2.30pm             Kinloch Care Centre Service

Sat 3 October – Friday 16 October          Minister’s Holiday









From the Minister’s Desk

“Be at rest once more, O my soul,
for the Lord has been good to you”

Psalm 116:7

Dear Friends,

This has been a summer of transport options for Rhona and me.  Going on holiday meant driving to the airport, flying to Munich, bus and train to Passau Haven, then boat for river cruise on the Danube – and bicycle for our daily trips into the countryside.  Apart from a delayed return flight leading to an overnight stop at Munich airport, everything went very smoothly and we enjoyed a lovely break.

Using bikes each day to travel between boat stops along the Danube, or to explore the cities of Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna, allowed us to see the sites at a gentle pace.  It was great to be able to stop when we chose and to go at our own speed, rather than be fixed into a tour schedule.

For many folks like ourselves, much of our working life is determined by diaries and schedules, and it’s great to be away from them for a time.  Even Church life slows down during the summer, and there is an opportunity to catch up on some of the tasks that get left behind in the normal routine.

Taking time for rest and refreshment is part of God’s plan for our lives.  Festivals and Holy Days were built into the practice of the people of Israel, and adapted into the life of the New Testament Church.  Getting away from our ordinary routines to allow for space for ourselves, and – above all – for God, is precious and to be valued.

For many others in the congregation there are different patterns of life and work.  Changed routines as retirement from regular paid work arrives, can lead to new opportunities for time with families.  It can also be an opportunity to do something new for God, in the service of the local Church or in the wider mission of the Church in our communities or further afield.

Wherever the Lord is taking you this summer, may you know His guiding presence and strengthening peace in your daily lives.



Yours in the blessing and peace of our risen Lord Jesus,

Mike Goss




Finance Statement


Balance per Statement at 31/12/14                                                      £4,934.91                               

Income                                                                                                  £16,029.32

Expenditure                                                                                           £14,814.13


Balance in Bank at 1 July 2015                                                       £6,150.10


Please note that the Treasurer, Malcolm Sim is now looking after the FWO and Gift Aid.   Should you have any queries or would like to take FWO envelopes or donate through Gift Aid please feel free to get in touch.



Flower Calendar


02 August                                                        09                               

16                                                                    23

30                    Mike & Rhona Goss                06 September            Agnes Millar

13                                                                    20





Readers Rotas


Date                                        Reading                     Prayers


02 August                                 Hugh McKenzie

09                                             Jan Scott

16                                             Jane Stewart

23                                             Iain Ogilvie

30                                             Malcolm Sim                 Iain Ogilvie


06 September                            Shirley Murison              Guild

13                                             Hugh McKenzie

20                                             Jan Scott

27                                             Jane Stewart


04 October                                Iain Ogilvie

11                                             Malcolm Sim





Who’s Missing?


The Presbytery of Angus is encouraging its congregations to consider the ‘accessibility’ of its worship. Sunday, 30th of August, 2015, is being suggested as a focal point for this work. Congregations are being asked to mark this as “Disability Sunday” and to consider how its services might be made more accessible to those in its community who have disabilities.

A recent presentation to Presbytery offered some suggestions and guidance. It is hoped that many congregations will be encouraged to consider this as a summer project and, from that, develop a longer-term strategy of inclusiveness.

Churches are often missing out on a vital piece of the puzzle – a large piece: in Britain, there are 10 million adults who have a recognised disability: that’s about 1 in 5 of the adult population. A further 700,000 children have one or more disabilities.
Actually, 95% of us will experience disability at some time during our life; one day, you may well enter your church as a disabled person. What will you find then?
Likening the Church to the human body Paul, the apostle, wrote, ‘those parts that seem to be weaker are indispensable’. So the Church is losing out when collectively it fails to recognise and include the gifting of all within its compass.

Angus Presbytery Disability Sunday is only a few weeks away. The purpose of the day is for churches to focus on disability and think about how welcoming they are to the disabled people in their communities. How can your church enable disabled people to come along, join in and be part of all that’s going on?

What we at Barry Parish Church want to achieve on the day is:

  • To show disabled people that God cares about them and their needs
  • To raise awareness of disability and the needs of disabled people
  • To give people affected by disability a voice
  • To show that God responds to and uses disability in many different ways
  • To show that including disabled people isn't necessarily a burden, but is a blessing and can be fun!

Please invite friends, family and neighbours who are disabled or who are affected by disability to attend this service at 9.30am on Sunday, August 30.

We would like to welcome anyone in our community who is affected by disability - you yourself or a member of your family may have a disability, or you may work with disabled people. We want the service to be a first step towards fully including disabled people in the life of our church. Our church building is accessible to wheelchair users and has an accessible toilet. An induction loop is provided for hearing aid users and large print hymn sheets will be available for the visually-impaired.

For more information, contact Graham Suttie on 01241 852614 or email

Regular updates on the preparations for Disability Sunday can be found on the news pages of the church website

Come along, and help turn Disability Sunday into Accessibility Sunday.




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