3rd August 2019

Prayer Diary August 4 - 17


Sports Plus


Please pray for the summer of Sports Plus camps and the young people and leaders involved. This year we have seven camps, kicking off with a brand new camp in Dublin in June.


Sun 4th Monkton & Belfast 2.


Pray for the young people arriving at Monkton and Belfast 2 Sports Plus this afternoon. There are over 95 who are attending for the first time; pray that they would feel welcomed and that the Gospel would unite all young people amidst the many differences.


Mon 5th Teaching.


Pray that the teaching in Mark and Colossians, both today and throughout the summer, would be faithful, and understood and applied by every young person at each Sports Plus.


Tues 6th Schools.


Praise God for the provision of school venues for Sports Plus; especially the new venue of St Columba’s, Dublin. Pray for our ongoing relationships and witness with the school staff while on site during the summer.


Wed 7th Trainees.


Thank God for the opportunity to invest in the lives of nearly 100 Trainees at Sports Plus this summer. Pray that the training and experience they receive would enable them to serve in future roles within Sports Plus, university and the local church.


Thurs 8th Perth, Brecon & Belfast 1.


Give thanks for Perth, Brecon and Belfast 1 Sports Plus earlier this summer. Pray that the young people would still be thinking through all they were heard. Praise God for the leaders who gave up their time to serve during the week.


Fri 9th Repton Leaders.


Tonight sees leaders arrive at Repton for the training weekend. Pray this would equip them for their role at Sports Plus and that every leader would reflect God’s love to the young people, both in action and word.


Sat 10th Dublin Sports Plus.


Praise God for the first Sports Plus in Ireland back in July. Pray that young people would have developed in their sport and that the Good News they heard would be continuing to penetrate every barrier to faith.


Sun 11th Repton Sports Plus.


Pray for the arrival of over 200 young people, along with their parents/guardians, at Repton for the start of Sports Plus. Pray that at each camp the parents/guardians would have felt welcomed, been well informed by the presentation on Sports Plus and inspired by their child’s experience.


Mon 12th Young People.


Pray that those young people who come to Sports Plus but don’t yet know Jesus would trust in Him for the forgiveness of sins. Pray that those who are Christians would be strengthened in their faith and leave better equipped to represent Jesus in their sport.


Tues 13th Coaches.


Pray that during each session throughout the summer coaches would have established good relationships with the young people and been a good witness for the Lord Jesus. Pray that the water breaks would have equipped and encouraged the young people to live for Jesus in their world of sport.


Wed 14th Team Meetings.


Pray that young people would actively engage in the Team Meeting Bible studies and that the Spirit would convict, encourage and teach the young people in gospel truth.


Thurs 15th Support Staff.


Praise God for the teams of Support Staff at each Sports Plus. Thank God for their servant

hearts and all they do behind the scenes to enable Sports Plus to run smoothly.


Fri 16th Leaders.


Pray that the 400 leaders were encouraged as they served the young people and the gospel this summer at Sports Plus. Pray they would return to their own clubs and teams seeking to share Jesus with their teammates.


Sat 17th Young people.


Pray that the young people who heard gospel truth in Mark and Colossians this summer would be able to answer the question Jesus poses about who we say He is. Pray that there would be a new wonder, acceptance and joy to live for Jesus in the world of sport.


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