31st August 2019

Prayer Diary September 1 - 14




Thousands of students train and compete in their sport each week and the need for gospel workers in this harvest field remains great. Join us in praying particularly that God will empower student sportspeople to pray, play and say among their teammates.


Sun 1 Freshers.


Pray for freshers heading to university in the coming weeks, that they would know their identity is secure in Christ. Pray that in light of this they would be able to live for Him when under pressure from those around them.


Mon 2 University Group Leaders.


Praise God for our university group leaders. Pray that they would come across many fresher Christians in sport in their universities and be able to support them in living and speaking for Jesus.


Tues 3 Student witness.


Pray for an boldness for students joining new sports clubs, that they would be able to use initial opportunities to tell those they compete and train with that they are a Christian and what that means.


Wed 4 Graduates entering work.


Pray for graduates, that they would be settling quickly into churches and sports clubs in the places they move to and that they would continue to reach the world of sport for Jesus in a new environment.


Thurs 5 Spiritually seeking students.


Pray for sportspeople who come to university this term who are searching but don’t yet know Jesus. Pray that they would meet a Christian sportsperson who would share Jesus with them.


Fri 6 Initiations/Welcome drinks.


Pray for students with initial welcome socials or initiations in their sports clubs. Pray that they would be able to get to know other students within their clubs and be part of the club while not compromising living in a godly way.


Sat 7 Freshers’ gatherings.


Pray for freshers’ gatherings to share the vision of the university groups. Pray that meeting fellow Christians in sport would be an encouragement and that freshers would come to group meetings as a result.


Sun 8 Group rapport.


Pray for the Christians in Sport university groups to gel quickly and as such spur each other on to be living and speaking boldly for Jesus.


Mon 9 Hostile students.


Pray for student sportspeople who return to university opposed to the Christian faith. Pray that the Holy Spirit would be at work softening their hearts to the gospel.


Tues 10 Student conference.


Pray that many students would register for the New Year student conference, Clubhouse Xtra, over the next few weeks. This conference has often had a big impact, by God’s grace, so pray particularly for freshers to register. Pray that it being an unknown event to new students would not affect sign-ups.


Wed 11 Church engagement.


Pray that fresher Christian sportspeople would quickly settle into local churches in their new cities. Pray that, as they serve and are taught and encouraged there, they would be motivated to live for Jesus in the world of sport.


Thurs 12 First Group meetings.


Pray for each university group’s first meeting. Pray that students would be excited by the vision of reaching the world of sport for Jesus, and pray that they would begin the academic year with a real desire to share Jesus with their sports friends.


Fri 13 Guest events.


Pray that students would be able to plan and hold guest events early in term such as sports quizzes, sports tournaments and meals where the gospel can be shared. Pray for boldness particularly for those for whom inviting sports friends to such an event will be new.


Sat 14 New Christians.


Pray that this term student sportspeople would come to trust Christ. Pray that there are many that will be celebrating Christmas as believers for the first time at the end of the term!


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