28th September 2019

Prayer Diary September 29 - October 12


New Initiatives


Praise God for new initiatives in effectively seeking to reach the world of sport for Christ. We are thankful for His hand in prompting, developing, and growing the work outlined below. Please join us in praying for much

fruit from these endeavours.


Sun 29 2020 Olympics.


Pray for those in authority making decisions on the size and shape of the chaplaincy programme in Toyko in 2020. Pray for open doors for a large team to be able to serve the athletes and coaching staff from across the world.


Mon 30 Podcast for parents of young athletes.


Pray for the release of a new series of interviews with parents of young performance athletes as they share the opportunities and challenges they navigate each day as they bring up their children in the local church and elite sports world.


Tues 1 European growth.


Give thanks for what God is doing in European countries like the Faroe Islands and Iceland where very little work has historically been undertaken with Christian sportspeople.


Wed 2 Sports mission vision in Dublin.


Pray for the Dublin church leader gathering planned for the Autumn term. Pray that people in Dublin would grasp the vision of reaching the world of sport for Christ in Ireland and praise God for new contacts which have been made off the back of Sports Plus in July.


Thurs 3 Coaching Development Scheme.


Pray for the Coaching Development scheme where we seek to assist young coaches in gaining their qualifications. Pray that individuals would access the scheme as we aim to continue to improve the standard of coaching across Sports Plus.


Fri 4 Dublin Sports Plus.


July 2019 saw the first Sports Plus camp in Ireland at St Columba’s College, Dublin. Pray that this starts great momentum as we seek to serve churches and reach the world of sport for Christ across Ireland.


Sat 5 Local churches.


Pray ahead as we continue to explore how best we can support the local church and better equip people within the church to be reaching the world of sport for Jesus.


Sun 6 Church sports groups.


Praise God for the new prayer groups set up who are meeting together in churches to pray for their local world of sport. Pray that these groups would be a real blessing to those involved and also to local sports clubs and teams.


Mon 7 Growing Clubhouse events.


Pray for the new training evenings as we roll out Clubhouses across towns and cities in the UK. Pray that they would equip and encourage.


Tues 8 Finding more Christians in sport.


Pray that God would raise up new people in towns and cities where we don’t know of Christian sportspeople.


Wed 9 Student conference.


Pray ahead to Clubhouse Xtra student conferences happening in January in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland (new this year). Pray that many students would come and God would use them for His glory.


Thurs 10 University of Bath events week.


Pray for all the planning for the University of Bath events week in February as we send a team to serve the Christian Union and the Christians in Sport group.


Fri 11 Game Plan 5 strategy.


Pray for God-given wisdom as we look ahead to our next three-year strategic plan, Game Plan 5, starting in September 2020.


Sat 12 Anniversaries in 2020.


As we begin looking ahead to celebrating the 40th anniversary of Christians in Sport and 25 years of Sports Plus, pray that the team involved in organising would seek to glorify God in the activities and celebrate those who have helped build the history of Christians in Sport.


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