24th November 2018

Prayer Diary November 25 - December 8



The local church is vital to our mission. It’s the primary community through which sportspeople come to know Jesus and grow in Him, and from which they are sent out to make disciples in the world of sport. Please join us in praying for different aspects of the church’s ministry to sportspeople.


Sun 25th Sports outreach services.


Pray for Graham Daniels speaking at a sports outreach service at Inspire St. James Clerkenwell London this afternoon. Give thanks for churches like them who run special services which are easy for sportspeople to invite friends to.


Mon 26th Carol services.


This fortnight, thousands of churches across the UK will host carol services. Thank God for this continuing tradition and pray sportspeople everywhere would be making the most of the annual opportunity to share the wonder of Christmas with teammates.


Tue 27th Discipleship of sportspeople.


Thank God for the opportunity that belonging to a church provides to be discipled by older, wiser Christians. Pray that adult sportspeople would be intentional about investing in sportspeople who are younger or less mature in their faith.


Wed 28th Church leaders involved in sport.


Give thanks for church leaders who play or coach competitive sport. Pray their sports team would be a place where they can enjoy rest and build friendships with those outside the church.


Thu 29th Guest events.


Last Friday, Ian Lancaster spoke at a Sports Quiz run by St Mary’s Maidenhead. Give thanks for this event and the many other sports quizzes or dinners which we have been privileged to speak at this term. Praise God for guests who’ve heard the gospel and ask Him to be at work in their lives.


Fri 30th Training events.


Last month, we ran sports-specific evangelism training for two churches in Guildford. Ask that all who came would remain encouraged, equipped and excited by the gospel. Pray that lots of churches would run similar training sessions for members involved in sport.


Sat 1st Dec Prayer groups.


Praise God for key leaders who have begun informal prayer gatherings and WhatsApp groups for others in their church who play sport. Give thanks for a Father who longs to give good gifts to His children and is mighty to do far beyond all the prayers which are shared.


Sun 2nd Sports Mission Pack <https://christiansinsport.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=b5dff7e5e660179476871964d&id=b995b8ff9a&e=020d4fe54e> .


Praise God for the 1,000+ churches and individuals who accessed the pack ahead of the football World Cup and used it to run big-screen events, quizzes and guest services. Give thanks for their initiative and heart for the lost.


Mon 3rd New links.


Thank God for the number of new churches we were able to speak to around the World Cup this summer. Now the media excitement around top-level football has died down, pray that churches would keep considering the mission field of club football which continues on their doorstep.


Tue 4th Partner churches.


Join us in thanking God for the handful of churches who already support the work financially and in prayer. Pray He would raise up more churches seeking to invest in reaching sportspeople who would feel able to support us as one of their home mission partners.


Wed 5th Sunday sport.


With much sport now being played on Sundays, pray that churches would be able to work with sportspeople and parents to help them to be active members of both their local sports clubs and their churches.


Thu 6th The UK church.


Church attendance has declined from 6.5 million to 3.1 million in the past 25 years. Pray for revival in this country, and particularly that churches might be intentional in engaging the 10 million adults who play competitive sport weekly.


Fri 7th Evangelistic courses.


Thank God for courses such as Life Explored or Alpha and for the many stories of salvation through them. Perhaps you know of a course running locally which you could commit to prayer? Pray for courage and love for sportspeople to invite friends.


Sat 8th Diverse outreach.


Sport is a shared passion across racial, cultural and economic divides. Pray for growing links with churches serving deprived areas and refugee communities, and for humility and understanding in our communication that the gospel might reach sportspeople from all backgrounds.

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