22nd June 2019

Prayer Diary June 23 - July 6




Since all our blessings flow from God, we have much to be grateful for. This fortnight, let us praise and thank God for all He has been doing in the world of sport.


Sun 23rd Young Performance Athletes (YPAs).


Give thanks for young Christians competing in elite youth sport. Pray that from a young age they would be able to acknowledge that their gifts come from God and be able to worship Him as they train and compete.


Mon 24th Golf Tours.


Praise God for the golf ministry taking place this summer on the Ladies European Tour (LET)

and the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) tour. Pray that the Lord would give Ali Nicholas and Cris Stevens endless wisdom, energy and guidance as they travel to events to support golfers.


Tues 25th European growth.


Give thanks for what God is doing in European countries where previously there hasn’t been any work amongst sportspeople, especially in the Faroe Islands and Iceland.


Wed 26th Work in Bulgaria.


Praise God for contacts in Bulgaria and the new possibilities opening up there. Pray for support we can continue to offer within community sport and for fruitful new connections within elite and

competitive Bulgarian sport.


Thurs 27th Sports Plus leaders.


Praise God for providing the team of over 400 leaders who will give their time to serve at

Sports Plus this summer.


Fri 28th Church sports mission.


Praise God for the church community, and pray that they would continue to support Christian sportspeople and that many more churches would understand the mission field of sport.


Sat 29th Church partners.


Thank God for all those churches in the UK and around the world that have links with Christians in Sport and support and partner with our work.


Sun 30th Sports Plus young people.


Praise God for the opportunity to share gospel truth from Mark and Colossians with over 750 young people across seven Sports Plus camps this summer, including a brand new camp in Dublin which starts today.


Mon 1st Clubhouse.


Praise God for all those who were trained at Clubhouses around the British Isles so far this year. Pray that they would be equipped to live for Jesus in their clubs and teams.


Tues 2nd Guest events.


Praise God for the many guest events held where the Good News of the gospel was proclaimed; many of these were by churches using our resources.


Wed 3rd New life in universities.


Praise God for the many students who heard the good news of Jesus this academic year, through organised events, Bible studies and informal conversations. Praise God for those who have come to faith through this witness!


Thurs 4th Student witness.


Praise God for the boldness of students around the country in speaking out about Jesus, running events and inviting sports friends around for dinner to talk about Christ.


Fri 5th Office team.


Thank God for the office team that supports the work of Christians in Sport. Pray they would be diligent in their responsibilities and would bring God glory in all aspects of their lives.


Sat 6th Partners.


Praise the Lord for every penny which is donated to His work at Christians in Sport. Praise Him for the ways He shows His faithfulness, year after year.


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