20th July 2019

Prayer Diary July 21 - August 3




We are part of a global movement whose European arm is the European Christian Sports Union (ECSU), and also work to grow sports ministry and train leaders in the Continent through the European Sports Mission (ESM), this year taking place July 1 - July 26. Please join us in thanking God for all He is doing in sports mission in Europe and pray for the coming months.


Sun 21st European Sports Mission (ESM) training.


Give thanks for the first two weeks of the European Sports Mission in Italy which have just ended, where the students engaged in Bible and sports leadership training. Pray this would help envision and equip them to be active in sharing their faith in the world of sport.


Mon 22nd ESM local leaders.


Praise God for the team of local leaders who the ESM students supported on their mission trip to Bulgaria. Give thanks for their desire and passion to help young people hear about Jesus

and pray they were encouraged by partnering together.


Tues 23rd ESM students.


As ESM is now in its final week, pray it would be a fruitful time for the students to reflect personally on all they have learnt, and helpful to consider how they will put these things into action when they go back to their different contexts.


Wed 24th Community engagement.


Give thanks for opportunities to reach communities with the Good News of Jesus using strategies such as festivals. Pray the experience the ESM students had of this would have given them a wider vision of sports mission.


Thurs 25th European students on ESM.


Pray for the students on the ESM who came from different countries around Europe, that they would be inspired to find more Christians in the world of sport and share different strategies and skills they could use in their country.


Fri 26th Impact of teaching.


Pray for the impact of the mission trip for the students who went on a part of ESM, that the young people would remember what they learnt. Pray for any who aren’t Christians, that they would want to put their trust in Jesus for the first time.


Sat 27th Cultural differences.


Pray that cultural differences and diversity can be celebrated and that any cross-cultural difficulties can be overcome, to advance the Kingdom of God.


Sun 28th ESM impact in university contexts.


Pray for those on the ESM who are about to start or return to university, that they would be inspired to share their faith with their teammates and have opportunities to do so.


Mon 29th ESM fellowship.


Give thanks for friendships made during ESM, and that these would help encourage one

another as they keep in contact. Pray there would be opportunity for a reunion later in the year.


Tues 30th European Christian Sport Union (ECSU).


Pray for the ECSU planning team as they seek to glorify and serve God through sport, may He give them wisdom, energy and courage as they share Jesus across Europe.


Wed 31st Gathering serving teams.


Give thanks for the leaders on the Facilitation Team and all those who served at the ECSU Gathering in May, where over 300 European sports leaders came together for training and encouragement in sports mission. Pray for the ministries God has placed them in.


Thurs 1st New Gathering attendees.


Pray for all those who were new to the Gathering in May, that they would be encouraged and inspired to continue the work in their countries and contexts.


Fri 2nd Fresh ministry streams.


Pray for the new ideas and ministry opportunities off the back of the Gathering, that the Lord would guide those pushing them forward and for boldness in sharing the gospel.


Sat 3rd ECSU Finances.


Pray for the finances of the ECSU, that they would continue to receive favour and backing, and that they can then support fruitful sports ministries running across Europe for the rest of 2019 and beyond.


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