17th August 2019

Prayer Diary August 18 - 31




The local church is vital to our mission. It’s the primary community through which sportspeople come to know Jesus and grow in Him, and from which they are sent out to make disciples in the world of sport. Please join us in praying for different aspects of the church’s ministry to sportspeople.


Sun 18th Church leaders.


Praise God for church leaders who are involved in sports themselves. Pray that they would have time to train and build relationships with teammates and that God would bring many to Him

through their witness.


Mon 19th Young people.


Give thanks for young people, thousands of whom love sport and love Jesus in the UK. Pray that they would be salt and light in their own clubs and teams and that they would be confident of their identity in Christ.


Tues 20th Events.


Thank God for the many evangelistic events and quizzes that have happened throughout the

country in churches. Pray that these events will be a blessing to those who were involved in the planning and organising, and that the many guests who attended would come to put their trust in Christ.


Wed 21st Churches in Bolton.


Pray for the churches in Bolton and the surrounding area. Thank God for the work there and for the Christian sportspeople who are seeking to share their faith with teammates there.


Thurs 22nd Global church.


Thank God for the worldwide church family. Pray new churches globally would engage in sports mission and pray especially for any churches who feel persecution of any kind.


Fri 23rd Rugby World Cup events.


Pray for churches as they look to put on events around the matches taking place this autumn. Pray that many sportspeople would hear the gospel at these events and lives would be changed

as a result.


Sat 24th Sunday Sport.


With Sundays being a day many now play sport on, pray that churches would work alongside sportspeople and parents to support them and enable them to be active members of both their

church family and their sports clubs and teams.


Sun 25th Churches in Leicester.


Pray for the churches in Leicester, that more sportspeople would be reached through their good work and many would come to know God for themselves.


Mon 26th Youth ministry.


Thank God for the work which churches in the UK and around the world do to support young people. Pray that many young sportspeople would become involved in their local church, especially through summer camps and local church events.


Tues 27th Sports mission vision.


Give thanks for churches who understand the value of sports and the mission field which it brings. Pray that we might, as a church family, reach out to those sportspeople in our local



Wed 28th Schools.


Pray for church schools, for school chapels and for schools who are affiliated with a church. Thank God for the freedom that the UK church has to be a presence within our education system and pray that many young sportspeople will engage with church through their school.


Thurs 29th North of England.


Thank God for churches in the North of England who understand the mission field of sport and pray that we would be able to engage with many more churches to envision and equip them to reach the world of sport for Christ.


Fri 30th Growing UK work.


Pray for our 2020 vision for ‘sustainable mission’ in 121 towns and cities to sportspeople. Pray God would be raising up leaders willing to work for His glory in each of these locations.


Sat 31st Church life.


Pray for church leaders and those involved with the day to day running of churches. Pray that God would give them new energy each day and enable them to see and understand sport as a mission field.


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