16th November 2019

Prayer Diary November 17 - 30


Elite Sport


The world of elite sport can be tough for Christians, with many sportspeople struggling with performance pressure and time away from home and church. Pray with us for the work of Christians in Sport to support these athletes and to share the gospel with those in this environment who don’t yet know Jesus.


Sun 17 Track and field.


Praise God for the growing number of believers within this world, and for the increasing sense of community when at major sports events. Pray that believers would stand firm with the pressure of competition, and to be rooted and established in God’s Word.


Mon 18 Young performance athletes.


Give thanks for the opportunity to support many young athletes on

performance pathways across a range of sports. Pray that they would grow in dependence on Christ as they read God’s Word, and this would help them in maintaining perspective as they compete.


Tues 19 Football.


Pray that believers within the top tiers of English football would stay rooted in Christ as they face the pressures that come from playing at this level. Pray that Christians in Sport might find believers in more of the Premier League sides.


Wed 20 Golf.


Give thanks for the growing sense of community on the European Tour and the Ladies PGA Tour this year. Pray for opportunities for more Bible Studies on these tours this year.


Thurs 21 Rugby.


Pray for Peter Browne as he seeks to meet Christians within the elite world of rugby. Pray for players he meets to be encouraged and built up as they read God’s Word together.


Fri 22 Tokyo Olympics.


Pray that Julia Wilkinson and Graham Daniels would have the opportunity to serve as chaplains for the Tokyo Olympics. Pray that they might be able to go and serve the athletes in this pressured environment, encouraging Christians to stay rooted in Christ and pointing those who don’t know Jesus to the gospel.


Sat 23 National Governing Bodies.


Pray for those Christians who serve on governing bodies, that they might honour Christ as they do so.


Sun 24 Coaches.


Pray for those coaches we know across a range of elite sports as they live and speak for Jesus in their coaching contexts. Pray that they would remaining reliant on Him and His Word.


Mon 25 Tennis.


Give thanks for the core of coaches and players that staff were able to meet prior to several Grand Slam events this year to be encouraged from God’s Word. Pray that God would continue to grow this community of believers.


Tues 26 Northern Irish Football.


Pray that a core group of players from each of the four regions would start meeting regularly for Bible studies over the next year.


Wed 27 Netball.


Give thanks for believers within several of the Vitality Super League teams. Pray that they may encourage one another as they compete over the next few months to be in salt and light in these tough environments.


Thurs 28 Hockey.


Give thanks for those players we know competing in their national squads and within Premier Leagues. Pray that they would be salt and light as they compete this season.


Fri 29 Disability sport.


Pray for the opportunity to find more Christians and seekers within elite disability sport in 2020. Praise God for the Christians and seekers we know of, and for trust and relationships to grow between them and staff supporting them. Pray for the Lord to give them a hunger to read His Word.


Sat 30 Rowing.


Give thanks for the core of believers competing at the elite level. Pray that they will be bold in inviting friends to events in the run up to Christmas.


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