15th November 2019

Why Does Christians In Sport Exist?




Simply put, we exist to reach the world of sport for Christ - and this is the topic for discussion in our latest podcast.


Listen in as Graham Daniels and Jonny Reid chat about this purpose to reach sportspeople and what encouragement Jesus gives in Matthew 28 as we go and do it!


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More on this topic



How do we make disciples in the world of sport for Christ?



For many of us, there was someone, maybe a parent, friend or coach, who first told us about Jesus Christ. The Good News of Jesus has spread throughout the generations and around the world because Christians have told one another about it.


Will you go into the world of sport with the gospel?


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Why should we even think about sharing our faith with our sports friends?


Dive into Matthew 28 to discover the commission and comfort which Jesus gives to us in this work of sharing the Good News.



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