13th October 2018

Clubhouse Carnoustie

  • Venue: Carnoustie Baptist Church, DD77EA
  • Event type: Clubhouse
  • Region: Scotland

Date: Wednesday 7th November 


Time: 7.30-9.30pm


Location: Carnoustie Baptist Church, 101-103 High Street, Carnoustie, DD7 7EA


Join Christian sportspeople from across Carnoustie and Angus for an evening of training, envisioning and being equipped to live and speak for Jesus in your sports world. We gather together to encourage one another as we seek to witness to teammates in our sports team, and take the chance to look at the resources and materials we provide to help you to live out your faith in your club, sport or team. 


This event is for those 18+ or for those involved in senior school/club sport 14+ if accompanied by a parent/guardian.


Eventbrite - Clubhouse Carnoustie



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