12th October 2019

Prayer Diary October 13 - 26




We commit England to God in prayer this week, lifting up resources, events and facilitators as we seek to glorify Him in the world of sport there. Pray with us for the multiplication of the work throughout all regions of the country.


Sun 13 Clubhouse events.


Give thanks for the many Clubhouses that have taken place over the last term. Pray for all those who were able to attend and be equipped and encouraged to speak boldly of Jesus within their clubs and teams.


Mon 14 Sports Mission Pack.


Pray many throughout England would be able to utilise the resources within the Sports Mission Pack to reach the world of sport for Christ.


Tues 15 England-wide growth.


Pray for towns and cities across England. May God bring many more to know Him through Christians in local sports clubs and teams.


Wed 16 Contacts in South West.


Pray that we’d be able to link with more Christian sportspeople in Cornwall and the South West.


Thurs 17 Guest events.


Pray for the events planned in England this term. Pray that these events will be effective in boldly sharing the gospel with many non-Christians involved in sport.


Fri 18 Peace and freedom of speech.


Pray for peace in England and for us to be able to continue to freely express our Christian faith in our sporting environment.


Sat 19 New contacts.


Pray for new Christians in sport to be found in towns and cities where we currently know of very few. Pray for towns and cities such as Stafford, Gateshead, Derby, Scarborough, Canterbury and Brighton and Hove.




Praise God for His goodness in guiding the expansion of work in Wales. We lift up those in Wales in prayer this week, including local churches, those involved in elite sport, and individual sports contacts throughout the country.


Sun 20 West Wales.


Pray for the five focus towns and cities in West Wales where we seek to see the world of sport reached for Christ; Swansea, Llanelli, Ammanford, Carmarthen and Aberystwyth.


Mon 21 Wales-wide sports mission.


Give thanks for each town and city where Christians have gathered to be encouraged and equipped to live for Jesus in their world of sport.


Tues 22 Guest events.


Pray looking forward that many guest events would be held across Wales giving opportunities for sportspeople to hear the gospel.


Wed 23 Contact growth.


Pray that sports mission can be established in towns across Wales where we currently have no contacts.


Thurs 24 Individual witness.


Give thanks for individuals across Wales who are seeking to help other Christians live out their faith in sport and encouraging others to share Jesus.


Fri 25 Welsh churches.


Pray for churches across the country who are intentional in the mission of reaching sportspeople with the gospel. Pray that there would be many more.


Sat 26 Elite sport.


Pray for the Christians involved in elite sport in Wales, that they would connect to local churches and be witnesses for Jesus in their environment.


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