10th November 2018

Prayer Diary November 11 - 24



Thousands of students train and compete in their sport every week and the need for gospel workers in this harvest field remains great. As we team up with UCCF to support an events’ week in Cardiff, join us in praying particularly that God will empower student sportspeople to Pray, Play and Say among their teammates.


Sun 11th Freshers.


Praise God for giving Christian freshers the strength to start university boldly for Him. Pray He will continue to transform them by the renewing of their minds so that they can live for Him amidst the pressure to conform to the patterns and norms of the university sports world.


Mon 12th Gospel fruit.


Thank God for the opportunity we have to partner with UCCF for the Cardiff Universities’ events’ week starting today! Pray that this week will bear much gospel fruit in the sports clubs at both universities and lead to hundreds of students confessing Jesus as Lord!


Tue 13th Cardiff Mission Week.


Please pray specifically for our efforts at Cardiff Metropolitan university this week as we seek to connect with students through interactive sports stalls and specific talks. Pray this will lead to many gospel conversations with unbelievers and the discovery of new Christian sports students who will join the mission.


Wed 14th Cardiff Uni Groups.


Pray that God will give courage to the Cardiff and Cardiff Met Christians in Sport University group as they invite their sports friends to the events. Pray the events will act as a catalyst for their evangelism and lead to the opportunity of reading the Bible with their teammates.


Thu 15th Teams.


Praise God for the Christians in Sport and UCCF teams who are serving across the week. Ask God to enable them to shine brightly as they hold out the word of life to sportspeople who have never heard of Jesus before.


Fri 16th Partnership.


Give thanks for our partnership with UCCF this week. Please pray we can faithfully continue to partner with other student ministries, and together through God’s grace and mercy, be used to bring glory to His name through the proclamation of His son.


Sat 17th More workers.


Please pray for universities where we know of none or few Christians in the sports clubs; for instance Northumbria University and Nottingham Trent. Ask God to send more workers into these harvest fields and pray that we can connect with Christian sportspeople already at these universities.


Sun 18th Churches.


Praise God for the relationships we have with churches who disciple students whilst they are at university. Pray that we can connect with more churches and work in partnership to equip the students to stand firm in their faith as they train and compete in their sport each week.


Mon 19th Leaders.


Thank God for the student leaders who are leading their university Christians in Sport groups this year. Pray for God to use them to envision and encourage their groups to boldly live for Jesus throughout the whole academic year.


Tue 20th Guest events.


Praise God for the guest events that have taken place so far this term. Ask God to use the Sports Quizzes and dodgeball tournaments to open the eyes of those who attend so they will see His glory in the face of Christ and turn to Him as their Lord and Saviour.


Wed 21st Disappointment.


Please pray for students who are suffering disappointment in their sport either through injury, form or other circumstances. Pray they can cast their anxieties on the Lord and know that He is near. Ask God to give them faith to trust Him despite not knowing what the future holds.


Thu 22nd Clubhouse Xtra.


Praise God for the way God has used our conferences to empower students to boldly live for Him whilst at university. Pray that He will do this again this January as we hold Clubhouse Xtra in England and Northern Ireland.


Fri 23rd Staff team.


Pray that God will glorify His name through the Christians in Sport intern and staff team who support students across the country. Pray He will use every Bible study, prayer and conversation to fulfil the good plans He has prepared in advance for them to do.


Sat 24th Transitions.


Pray that God will continue to use the Christians in Sport team as they help freshers start university and graduates move on into working life. Pray that every person who makes those transitions will find a new church family and keep looking to reach the world of sport for Christ.

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