5th January 2018

It's Not Too Late!


Your support could change a family's life forever. In Burkina Faso, we're providing tools so families can grow and sell vegetables, as well as nutritional ingredients and training to provide healthy meals for malnourished children



Watch our video <http://click.e-mail.christian-aid.org/?qs=98cd6f8be7736641d69acf937ba2823d5c3757b60d77f982ab8c5417a9b369c4869adbf28c4e46b6043428db3b92b5bb>


The severe food crisis in South Sudan is very different to the situation in Burkina Faso, but our commitment to the poorest people there remains the same. It is still not too late to send your support <http://click.e-mail.christian-aid.org/?qs=98cd6f8be773664151e85950496c7c238fdd4b252a803714c6d8ef4fbfe6c9ff9d48194a1876e43890ba45c8796be4ee> and every pound sent until 5 February will be doubled by the UK Government*.


Best wishes,

Ambrose Duffy<http://image.e-mail.christian-aid.org/lib/fe9d15707664077f7c/m/5/Ambrose+Duffy+sig.png>

Ambrose Duffy

Christmas Appeal Manager


Oh What a Waste <http://click.e-mail.christian-aid.org/?qs=98cd6f8be773664190180f680c45b7d7557c4fd063cd58e435e92b82eda1ef9f7edadb4c7faa1eac3fe20a8cce4a8800> Have you seen our Oh What a Waste Christmas Carol yet?


Watch an all-singing cast of seasonal edibles perform their own version of the Twelve Days of Christmas to highlight shocking festive food waste statistics.


Watch now <http://click.e-mail.christian-aid.org/?qs=98cd6f8be7736641913b4f488b72b69152dabbcf2a8ace816494afe281f40a44abd055177f7b7471c8f552981efc0d01>

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