11th April 2019

The Son of God loved me and gave himself for me.

Galatians 2:20


Be sure you are doing your own work well, for then you will have the personal satisfaction of work well done, and will not need to compare yourself with someone else.

Galatians 6:4


Whether you are Jew or Greek, slave or free, a man or a woman you are all one and equal in Christ Jesus.

Galatians 3:28




Prayer Points


Thank the Lord that he has made you to be special and loved. Confess any inadequate or superior view you may have of your self and calling.


Pray for a friend whom you know suffer with low esteem and ask God to break that mindset.


Ask the Lord to help you remove prejudice and criticism against others and to value them in line with what Scripture requires of you.



     DAY 32 : VALUE


A capable man is dogged every day by the feeling he is

inadequate. An attractive woman is paralysed by her father’s

words to her as a child that she was unattractive. A young man

was told he could never match family expectations and has to

‘prove’ them wrong.


Perhaps similar stories could be told about you: about how your life has been affected and you now don’t value your self.


Is it possible for Christians to live with confused identities and

low self esteem? Yes. Sadly hurts form our past are allowed to

define both the present and the future. To compensate we often

consider others superior, envy what they achieve and deprecate

our own gifts and abilities. Alternatively, we criticise others to

bring them to our level. Sometimes we live our lives through

family, work or church.


How should we view ourselves? Perhaps we need to be honest

with God and ask him to help us see ourselves as he sees us. His

beloved child. Once we see that our lives are intended by God

and he has a purpose for us, we can begin to fulfil our role in life.


The apostle Paul knew he wasn’t perfect, but he told the

Philippians (3:12) said ‘I press on.’ Let us do the same.





*    Pray for your ‘big issue’

*    Pray for your ‘three friends’

*    Pray for a new wave of revival.

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