Christian Aid Coffee Morning Philip Hall All welcome
16th March 2019
10:00- 11:30
Christian Aid Coffee Morning
The important date for your diaries is - Sat. 16th March.
Venue is as normal - Philip Hall 10-11.30am
Good company, good chat and tasty coffee, well worth the price of -
Adults £2, Children £1
Donations for the stalls; c/candy, bric-a-brac, £1 stall (parcels wrapped),
will be most welcome. Please try to support this twice yearly event for
the important work of Christian Aid.
Reminder of the work by Christian Aid
We are a partnership of people, churches and local organisations
committed to ending poverty worldwide. For more than seventy years we
have provided practical support to our global neighbours. We work in
some of the world’s most vulnerable countries, such as Africa, Asia, lands
of the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean.
We carry out ground-breaking work in key areas, such as gender, health
and resilience, to support people in poor communities to improve their
lives. We have programmes in 37 countries, working with 475 local,
national and international developments.
This year we highlight that Sierra Leone is now believed to be the most
dangerous place in the world to give birth. And so we pray that you will
join with us this year during Christian Aid Week, in order that we may
continue our aim of making childbirth safe for all Mums and babies.
Thank you.


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