16 Days of Activism: Day 8
2nd December 2018
16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence - DAY 8: Iraq

‘Throughout the sessions I realised I am not the only one to have faced this type of violence. In each session I learned how to believe in myself, and at the last session I decided to talk.’ Betty, Iraq

Betty is an 18-year-old survivor of sexual and gender-based violence, displaced with her family in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq following ISIS attacks on her village. For three years she suffered her abuse in silence.

After taking part in Community Dialogues, she found the strength to ask for help, and was accompanied by Tearfund staff to report her perpetrator. She’s now receiving support and using her experience to raise awareness among other girls in the community.

Pray for the continuation of the Community Dialogues to increase support within communities, minimise stigma that survivors face and increase awareness of gender-based violence.


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