24th December 2018

SAT-7 UK Advent Prayer: Day 24




“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”


On the very first Christmas Eve over 2,000 years ago, people were longing for

their promised Messiah to arrive. What would he look like? Where would he

be born? Though the answers were prophesied long before, many still didn’t

recognise Him even when He walked among them.

Today, many are still longing for something more than this world seems to

provide. Even those who have achieved all that earthly life has to offer – wealth,

relationships, adventure, career success – still have a niggling, deep-down feeling

in their heart that


is missing.

In truth, that some


is actually a some


– the same Someone whose coming

many around the world will celebrate tomorrow, whose birth defines the very

years on our calendar – yet who still walks unrecognised amongst many of His


Jesus, our long-awaited Messiah, is the fulfilment of all our deepest longings. He

alone is the answer to the questions in people’s hearts.

Thank God that SAT-7 is making Jesus known across the Middle East

and North Africa, and take a moment to reflect – are you committed to

revealing His love to those around you?


Come, thou long-expected Jesus,

born to set thy people free,

from our sins and fears release us,

let us find our rest in


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