23rd December 2018

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Fife church marks Advent with 'Posada' celebration


Kinghorn Parish Church are celebrating Advent with a ‘Posada’ based on the Mexican Christmas tradition this month.

Mary and Joseph figures

The word ‘Posada’ means ‘inn’ or ‘shelter’ in Spanish and these celebrations involve re-enacting the journey Mary and Joseph took in the weeks before Jesus’ birth where they would have stayed in roadside inns on their way to Bethlehem.

There are lots of different ways to celebrate Posada in Mexico but all have the same theme - welcoming Mary and Joseph into a different home each night and having some kind of celebration.

Helen Duncan, a church member at Kinghorn Parish Church, has made figures of Mary and Joseph (and a baby Jesus) and the congregation are then going to send them on a journey of Kinghorn and beyond throughout Advent.

Rev James Reid, minister at Kinghorn Parish Church, said:

“We launched Posada at the evening service on Sunday 2 December and for the next 22 days they will hopefully spend each night in a different home, before ending up back at Kinghorn Parish Church on Christmas Eve.

“The idea is that each day the previous night’s hosts will take Mary and Joseph to the home of the host for that night.

“Both hosts, plus any guests they have invited, then share a short service together before sharing fellowship with a cuppa, a mince pie, mulled wine or whatever else they would like.”

Debi Ives, a member of the Kinghorn Parish Church's Worship Together team, said:

“We did this at the church we went to before we moved here and the fellowship ranged from sharing fish fingers with toddlers to sharing bottles of wine (with adults)”


Mary and Joseph figures
The Beavers with Mary and Joseph as part of Kinghorn Parish Church's Posada celebration

The ‘service’ consists of a couple of short readings and prayers which the two hosts say together.


The instructions and what to say will be on sheets which will come with Mary and Joseph, you just have to read from the sheet. The rest of the celebration, and how long it lasts, is up to you.

“As well as hopefully involving as many regular church goers as possible, we would love this to be an opportunity for people who, for whatever reason, don’t get to church regularly,” Debi continued.

“We can also use it as an opportunity to share with our friends and neighbours a little bit of the true meaning of Christmas.

“We are planning to take Mary and Joseph to some of the groups that meet in Kinghorn like the Beavers and any others who would like to welcome them in.

“When I told the organiser of Posada at our previous church that we are going to try it she was very excited as it has become a well-loved tradition in that church.

“She hopes that we enjoy it here and says they will raise a glass to us when they are ‘posadaing’ at her house this year!"

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